Sky Go no longer works: Problems with Silverlight in Google Chrome and Co.

Who wants to watch Sky Go in the browser on the PC can do so only via the Silverlight plugin. Usually play without a problem works, but it may well happen that Silverlight and Sky Go rummurren.

Sky Go no longer works: Problems with Silverlight in Google Chrome and Co.Source: PathDoc

Here you learn what you can do with the most common problems in Silverlight Sky Go.

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Update: Silverlight and Sky Go not work in Google Chrome

Once there was the announcement a few months ago, the makers of Google Chrome now have Silverlight completely pulled the plug. A reproduction of Silverlight elements and thus also of Sky Go is no longer possible Version 45th An update of Chrome is automatic so that you can not handle this update. On a solution for the Sky-go problem in Chrome is already underway. At the end of June was announced to direct the streaming service from Sky Go on the future HTML5. A start date, there is not yet, but the pressure with the approaching start of the UEFA Champions League this week is growing.

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Original article of 15 June:

Can I use Sky Go without Silverlight?

A reproduction of Sky Go without Silverlight is not possible. Sky is due to Digital Rights Management on Silverlight and not on the Adobe Flash player. If Silverlight partout does not work on your computer, you can try to go via the Sky Go Android app on the PC. In a separate tutorial we show you step-by-step how you install an Android app on the PC and then you can start without Silverlight Sky Go.

Sky Go no longer works: Problems with Silverlight in Google Chrome and Co.

Safe and reliable work playback when you once any problem on the PC, fixed in the browser or when Silverlight plugin you.

  • Ensures before playing that the plugin in the latest version is available on the hard drive. Also read this: How can you upgrade Silverlight.
  • To a cumbersome troubleshooting to escape, a simple installation of Silverlight can already work wonders. Deletes previously Silverlight completely from the hard drive.
  • also tried to play Sky Go on another browser. Maybe there was recently a browser update that causes the Silverlight plug-in is no longer compatible with the installed browser version.
  • May prevent another browser add-on that Sky Go and Silverlight can work properly together.
  • Ensures that both Windows and the video card drivers to the date.

Sky Go no longer works: Problems with Silverlight in Google Chrome and Co.

Sky Go: Silverlight already installed and not recognized?

Since the beginning of the year, it may be that Silverlight will be automatically excluded from Google Chrome. Silverlight is installed with you and does not work nonetheless Sky Go, try the following:

  • Gets the browser address chrome: // settings / content # exceptions plugins on.
  • Searches the entry for the Silverlight plugin and activated this there.
  • Saves the Einstelllung and starts the browser.
  • Silverlight is not listed, this URL opens: chrome: // flags / # enable-NPAPI
  • Click "Enable NPAPI" there and starts the browser.
  • If the above way does not work, the URL opens &# 8220; chrome: // flags / # enable-win32k renderer lockdown-and continues setting to "Disabled" there.

With a view to further updates from Firefox and Google Chrome, the required Silverlight NPAPI support will soon be completely removed. Remains to be seen whether Sky then offers an alternative to view Sky Go in the browser.

We show you also what you can do with the Sky Go authorization errors. We also have ready assistance to the Sky Go Error 207 and 217 for you. Read also with us what you can do if Sky Go is down.

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