For missions guide and Epsilon treatises: GTA 5 Epsilon

Who really wants to find everything in GTA 5 and create needs to do many side missions and set out in search of various found objects. So it is true,. to complete as many missions for the Epsilon program. Following this, one can find a total of ten epsilon treatises.

For missions guide and Epsilon treatises: GTA 5 Epsilon

Below you will find a first guide for the Epsilon missions. You have to initially walk properly in advance payments, but the effort is worth it. We then show you the localities of epsilon treatises. The papers must be sought in the order given.

GTA 5: Epsilon missions &# 8211; solution

In order to play the Epsilon missions, the missions "complications" and "A favor in tow" must be completed. For these side quests you have to select Michael.

  • now surfs with Michael the URL on.
  • Click here "Evaluate their identity" and fill out the questionnaire as you want.
  • Now a blue question mark on the map, the Epsilon missions can start appears.
  • Studied at the beginning of a red truck and gets out.
  • Michael is beaten and wakes later scantily dressed again.
  • You will receive a new mail sect, which again is asking you for a donation.
  • With a donation of $ 500, the next mission will be unlocked.

Accept the truth

  • Controls the epsilon icon on the map.
  • Now, $ 500 to be donated again.
  • After completion of the mission 5,000 US dollars donation for the Epsilon cult on the Web site are due again.

Face the truth

  • You will meet the mission icon on Marnie.
  • A mail you receive to get five specific vehicles and deliver in Vinewood Hills commissioned.
  • Once you goes into one of the vehicles, you will informed on the game screen.

The vehicles can you wanted with the corresponding money in the account, of course, simply order. After you received the text message from Marnie, the vehicles are, however, can also be found in heaps on the streets of Los Santos. The Bldergalerie shows you how the cars for the Epsilon cult look:

Gallery GTA 5 Epsilon cars

  • (Figure 1.5):
  • (Figure 5.2):
  • (Figure 5.3):
  • (Figure 4.5):
  • (Figure 5.5):

If the search is futile, you will find the desired vehicle usually here:

  • Benefactor Surano: Lake Vinewoods Estates - Parking in Villas
  • Declasse Tornado: Los Santos County in Davis
  • To find red motorcycle on parking by Lifeinvader Office: Dinka Double T
  • Enus Super Diamond: Rockford Hills, parking lot behind Leopold
  • Pegassi Vacca: Vinewood Hills in a driveway

Provides the vehicles from the epsilon symbol.

Follow the truth

You will receive a new e-mail from Marnie. Make your way to the actor Jimmy Boston. This gives you a device capable of detecting aliens. Armed with this tool, it is necessary to look four alien artifacts. Keep this detector in hand and presses the button indicated. When you approach an artifact, the blue signal is stronger. Now $ 10,000 to be donated again.

Buy Epsilon Robes

Back on the epsilon site you click on the new link. Now 25,000 for Epsilon robes must be invested. Now wait a few hours of play until robes are provided. You will be notified by mail about the delivery. In Michael's cabinet now you can the robe on the "outfits" Create. Now Ten days must pass before you will receive several SMS from Epsilon members. In order to shorten the waiting time, you can of course always go with Michael sleeping. It appears another Epsilon symbol in Fort Zancudo.


Spread the truth

At Fort Zancudo you have to get on a plane. This brings you to Boston on Jimmy Sandy Shores Airport. Once disembarked, Jimmy sprayed it, it rises in the meantime Ocelot.

Practice from the truth

You make acquaintance with the epsilon-leader, with Cris. For the remainder of the Missionary course you have to walk through the desert eight kilometers. Of course, the robe stays on it. Run to the sequence straight ahead, the best opportunity to drive up the stamina of Michael. Based on the display on the screen you can see how far you have run their Notice that you shall not put a step outside the epsilon zone Otherwise, all progress will be lost. After completion of the mission, a further donation must be stored.

Forget the truth

It goes into the final sprint of the Epsilon missions. Goes in blue robe into Epsilon center in West Vinewood. Paid as asked of you $ 50,000. Now you have to carry bags with the collected donations. You are free in how you want to complete the mission.

  • So you can bend you and drive your car behind the other members until the money reaches its destination, the helicopter towards the South Sea island. Reward for this: A tractor.
  • You can also select a different destination, while you will, however, pursued by several Epsilon freaks and a helicopter. Got rid of all her sect members, you can keep the money.
  • The third way you can get the gold medal for the mission. Follows the convoy, but not embark in the yellow circle. Hunting now the helicopter in the air, the car destroyed by and eliminates the security. now increasing them in the car with the money and ride. Do you also have shaken off the cops, there's a trophy and a reward of lucrative 2,100,000 US dollars.

You have now completed the GTA 5 Epsilon missions. On the next page you will find the localities for the epsilon treatises in GTA. 5


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