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Do you want to save the half-destroyed New York, you've got to in Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division argue against a variety of enemies. In addition to other players or simple rioters also elite opponents and boss enemies waiting for you and make you a hard time. In this guide we have collected fight Tips for The Division for you, with which you are equipped to deal with the evil in Manhattan.

In The Division fights her against a number of enemies. They are in different factions divided and behave accordingly different. For this reason, you need different tactics, as you may be able to defeat the best. Which enemies meet you in The Division and above all, what battle Tips we have for them can be found in our Fight Guide.

A graphics comparison between PC and PS4 can be found here in the video:

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Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division: Fight-guide with tips battle

Before you throw yourselves into the fray in Manhattan, should you your enemies know. In The Division they are fractions divided. Each group has different and especially unique features that should know her. After that you can lay out you tactics that your enemies defeated best.

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The following fractions roam the world of The Division:

  • Rikers
  • Cleaner (Cleaner)
  • The Last Man Battalion
  • Rioters (Rioters)
The cover is your friend. Looks around you, where you can protect you best.The cover is your friend. Looks around you, where you can protect you best.

The opponents in The Division but can be classified not only in fractions, but also in enemy types. The higher the type, the more health Do you own. In addition, their level, their armor and their tactical approach increases. This enemy types you find in Manhattan:

  • Normal enemy: For them, you do not need tactics. You only have a health bar and are the easiest type.
  • Experienced opponents: They are more difficult to defeat. Experienced opponents have a body armor, which is why they also reveal three or four armored bar. Will you destroy them, you first need to destroy the armor. This is best achieved with another player. They have a purple bar; their armor it recognizes the white bar in the health bar.

  • Elite opponents: Elite opponents have a yellow health bar. They have unique abilities and are heavier than experienced opponents. You can throw guns or bombard you with more powerful weapons. Are you traveling alone, you should first kill the other enemies around them, as they flank you otherwise. Is definitely at a distance. Extra tip: Sometimes they have explosives on their backs or in their backpacks. They usually also have a flamethrower, including gas cans. Shoots on it so that the elite opponents explode.
  • Named opponents: So raid bosses are meant. They have a yellow health bar and a name. Sets you that the struggles with them can take a long time sometimes. They also have unique abilities.
  • Enemies at high level: These enemies recognize her at a red skull icon above their heads. This means that they are at least five levels above your level. Fighting it alone, you should first of all distance of them take. Grabs you, so that you can defeat a few friends, at least one of which has its stage.

    Named opponents have a yellow health bar and are difficult to defeat.Named opponents have a yellow health bar and are difficult to defeat.

Useful tips battle for The Division

The following Tips to help you in battle by Manhattan:

  • Walks into Cover. Only in this way you are protected against critical hits your enemies.
  • Fighting her on the team, your group should consist of a tank, a paramedic and two Damage-dealers. The tank can pull from cover the attention. Enemies are aimed, first cut these people, who do not hide, while the other players can bombard the enemy.
  • Always remember enough Ammunition. While your secondary weapon has infinite bullets, but it also does less damage.
  • Practices Headshots. Thus saving their ammunition and kill enemies quickly.
  • You have to reload, looking you cover to be protected in the process.
Increases the damage of your weapon to destroy or named opponents.Increases the damage of your weapon to destroy or named opponents.

  • Do you want to opponent slow it down, shoots them first in the leg and then in the head.
  • Corpses bring you ammunition. So do not run past them, but they lootet.
  • Explosive or burning ammunition should you cancel you for bosses.
  • Makes her hunting Striker, is a sniper rifle useful. Turns them off first.
  • Increases your DPS or uses weapon mods to increase the damage.

Examined her after the best compilation for your team? How do you create an invincible group, we will tell you in another guide.

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