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Some of such notification mails should better save. In particular, when e.g. contain passwords, important links and Conditions. Of course you can use one of the online services and then store the incoming messages in a text file. But who does? , S is so if we let pass us such mails via a fake email to our real account more convenient.

fake email trashmailAs before, the best service for Fake email addresses: Trashmail

There are such forwarding services and of course the most famous is probably Trashmail. This service offers free and paid services, but the free offer should be quite sufficient for most of us. It includes referrals from fake updates for 11 domain names. And at this time we can receive one month up to 10 forwarded e-mails to one address.

Always comfortable when we log for a free account and then use one of Trashmail plugins for Firefox or Google Chrome. (Download Links below)

Because in this case we can create address and use at any time within seconds a disposable email. To do this we have to click with the right mouse button in the respective fields and the menu item &Insert disposable address; # 8220&# 8221; Click. After the brief registration with user name and password immediately a new fake email address is generated and used there to us. We can at every single address select how long will they last and how many redirects to include them.

All incoming e-mails end up in normal mailbox. I have saved it and lose nothing. At the same time, the address will be automatically void and I remain spared from further submissions. An ideal scenario! But none of these addresses can I use as the sender, if I want to write someone. Here it is worth thinking about whether or not a &# 8220; real&# 8221; wants to create alternate address.

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A &# 8220; real&# 8221; Create Fake Email

The concept of real fake email may sound absurd, but it works well. It involves giving that example creates a harmless e-mail address in Gmail that you use exclusively for such occasions.

Google has one of the best spam filters anyway, so it is not very strong harassed in this account of spam. In addition one can account either online or with a mail program to retrieve and has stored all important mails permanently. They are even comfortable searchable if you search among all mails for a particular. But the biggest advantage is credibility. No way a website is shut out customers from registration because the use a GMail address. Because that's what millions worldwide and in the case a shop would even kick the sidelines. In addition, such addresses last forever and we do not lose any important mails. As an address to retrieve only when one has used it just once again and the actual main account will remain free of spam, newsletters and other nuisances.

We also use this fake email address and for real communication! The forwarding can not be used as the sender yes. But no one can force us in our &Replacement address; # 8220&# 8221; specify a real name. Besides, I can also set up redirects so that selected mails always end up in my real account.

Problems with the Fake Email

Some websites have something against fake e-mail accounts. Let the usual domains like simply not and Co. You can not log on with such an address is. In general, which of course is not stupid by the site operators. But for us it is a nuisance. Therefore one must either constantly looking for new services of this kind, or you take my advice from the previous section and submit a free e-mail address that is used exclusively for such occasions.

Trashmail plugin for Firefox

Comfortable fake e-mail addresses with redirection - GIGAdownloadQR codeDeveloper: Price: Free

Trashmail plugin for Chrome

create disposable e-mail: TrashMail.comdownloadQR codecreate disposable e-mail: TrashMail.comDeveloper: UnknownPrice: Free

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