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The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) -Showrunner Steven Molaro hinted the other day something that probably would not hear TBBT-Fan: The series about the super-nerds to Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and Co. could soon be over! We can give the all clear: both an eleventh and twelfth season are ordered. After the release of the 11th season of Big Bang Theory then clears finally whether Amy Sheldons takes marriage proposal.

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Mondays at 20:15 run the free TV channels ProSieben the consequences of Season 10 The Big Bang Theory. In the United States will follow this month New Stories from the Nerd Universe. When it starts, and when we expected to see TBBT Season 10 in Germany, you read it here.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11: Start in Germany and the US

The producing CBS is clear that can be earned with The Big Bang Theory a lot of money. For Molaro and serial Godfather Chuck Lorre is certain in any case that they have not pursued all possible storylines. And now there is clear for fans of the sitcom: In addition to the eleventh season TBBT is also ordered a twelfth season.

start from The Big Bang Theory Season 11 September 25 in the USA. the sitcom is shown on the evening Prime Time at 20 o'clock. The new season is to connect closely to the 10th season. Overall, we can at us 48 new episodes in two seasons looking forward. As you can stream the eleventh season of The Big Bang Theory, you read the article CBS live stream & use library in Germany.

When the eleventh season will appear in Germany, is not yet clear. Since the 10th season will be broadcast with us since January 2017, we expect a Germany start of the 11th season of the TBBT in January 2018 - most likely as usual on the free TV channel ProSieben.

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© CBSKeeps the parents of luck with Howard and Bernadette? © CBS

The reason for the delay of the 11th Season TBBT

An early confirmation of further relays were long time the required increases in the salaries of Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Johnny Galecky (Dr. Leonard Hofstadter) and Jim Parson (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) in the way. It was decided only in 2014 that the actors get more money: Some Actor cash now up to 1 million dollars per episode. The sitcom stars will even be absent from the set to enforce their demands. Negotiations between CBS and the actors are now finally completed.

So Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) (previously $ 200,000 per episode) get their requested pay raise, their serial counterparts waive part of their salary.

As we talked well the scientific experts and what's been done so far, we've gathered you in the recap of the first seasons:
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Start Photogallery(19 images)The Big Bang Theory: The funniest moments with Sheldon, Penny & Co.

The Big Bang Theory: What happens in the 11 season?

Basically any good series must end once. After all the episodes build on each other and we have already experienced with the nerds since Episode 1 of Season 1 lot. In addition, we were part of their development. Who would have believed that Lennard would one day marry Penny? And Sheldon Cooper with girlfriend - that was the beginning of the series simply unimaginable! And now he and Amy even had sex - ahem: coitus - together.

© CBSAmy's enthusiasm about Sheldon's proposal has its limits. © CBS

of course, on most explosive the question of whether Amy Sheldons takes botched marriage proposal, which was interrupted by a phone call. Raj can not talk to women now, he even found a girlfriend. Howard and Bernadette take care of their daughter Halley - the baby name comes from Halley's Comet. However, we will not get to see - as a tribute to the late Mrs Wolowitz.

However, the new season brings new challenges for the characters:

  • Penny and Leonard have a new crisis before - there will be a divorce?
  • Penny's drug-addicted brother is coming up the couple.
  • Raj must dwell garage due to financial problems at Bert's - a place where not always the privacy is respected.

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Episode List of 11th Season of The Big Bang Theory

So far, only the titles of the first three episodes are known:

  1. The Proposal Proposal
  2. The retraction Reaction
  3. The Relaxation Integration

Once more is known, you experience it in this article. Will you still reminisce about the Germany start of the Nerd WG, you can see in this video how the cult comedy began:

1873The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Trailer

Sheldon's spin-off: New fodder for fans of TBBT

The spin-off &# 8220; Sheldon " the neurotic series favorite Sheldon also appear later this year. There we can track how our renowned physicist from the young Sheldon. With, of course, is his family in Galveston. Whoever takes on the role of Sheldon Cooper, although it is clear already, but was not yet officially announced.

So what we think fans us if we want more seasons? How to end the series? Betray us your ideas in the comments.

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