HTC One: Performing a hard reset – M7, M8 and mini to factory settings

Many smartphone users, it has already happened: once drop the unit a wrong app INSTALLING or already working, nothing is as it should. In order for the cell phone is working properly again, you can reset this to the factory settings. Find out here how to perform in a HTC One the hard reset.

HTC One: Performing a hard reset - M7, M8 and mini to factory settings

The HTC device, whether M7, M8 or another HTC smartphone, can be both the device settings, and reset using a key combination.

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So you take the HTC One hard reset

If the HTC smartphone stops responding and therefore no longer can you get to the preferences, the HTC One Hard Reset can be performed using a keyboard shortcut. Go for it, follow these steps:

  1. Press the "Volume Down" button and hold it down.
  2. Simultaneously presses the power button and hold also pressed.
  3. Hold on key for a few seconds until the smartphone screen appear three Android icons.
  4. Now let both keys in sequence.
  5. With the "Volume Down" button you can now navigate through the hard reset menu.
  6. option calls here "Restore Defaults" to reset the HTC One.
  7. Per power button the hard reset is performed.
htc-one-hard-resetThe shortcut key for the HTC One Hard Reset

HTC One: Performing a hard reset: M7, M8 and mini to factory settings

If the unit still be reasonably functional, you can also easily make about the settings the hard reset on the HTC One.

  1. Controls for this is the "Settings" on the device.
  2. Here, the "Save option will & Reset to default".
  3. Press "Reset phone" on the selection.
  4. Confirmed the deletion of the device data with "Erase all data" and performs the hard reset on HTC One on "OK".

HTC One: Performing a hard reset - M7, M8 and mini to factory settings

Note that all personal settings and data are deleted from the device when you reset the HTC smartphones. Also, apps and messages are thrown in this way from the smartphone memory. If possible, you should therefore make a backup of the Android data before resetting.

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