Call of Duty – Black Ops 3: – Tips zombie mode

Even CoD: Black Ops 3 lets you shoot at zombies again. Lest you lost in the waves of the undead, you will find below some tips and tricks for the zombie mode in Black Ops. 3

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In the horror part bears the name "Shadows of Evil" of the multiplayer shooter, it verschlägt you into the 40s. There, you've got to alone or in co-op defend against waves and hordes of undead.

Call of Duty - Black Ops 3: Zombie Mode - Tips to survive

In addition to shoot-the walking dead you also have to perform various tasks in order to survive.

  • The zombie mode is designed for a co-op experience. so you should also with the other three members of your collaborate Crew. Distributed monitoring spawn points and speak ye in attacks. In this way you not only survived, but also collects faster experience points.
  • Especially at the beginning of the horror scenarios you have a little space to targeted headshots carry out the zombies. So you can not just train for the multiplayer mode, but also save ammunition and collect additional XP.
  • In between, you can himself to beast become. For this, you need to consult an altar on the map. As a monster you have additional skills that you can take to help in the fight against the zombies by the surroundings. In addition to her your comrades on the side can revive quickly.
  • Have you flipped a undead can do this some goodies. Gather not blindly everything on what you can get it, but wondered whether her in the current situation at all such Collection Item needed. There are, for example perks that can finish you off faster undead. Gathers her such a bonus between individual waves, you are wasting the special ability and have nothing in reserve when the zombie hordes you threaten to overrun.
  • The machines offer you additional bonus in the form of skills Gobblegums. The Gooblegums there for 500 points at the special machines and reduce blast damage, quintuple the damage on melee attacks etc.


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Call of Duty - Black Ops 3: - Tips zombie mode

Keep yourselves as a team member on a weapon that shootas but sorted well. After some time, XP points can be collected to improve it for new weapons. Bring the individual combat units as a maximum value, but relies on a healthy mix of Nahwaffen as shotguns and ranged guns inthe group to have access to every situation during the zombie invasion to the appropriate team member.

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To better understand the card should, do their individual zombie waves immediately. Let's run few undead and uses this space to look around you in the area.
can be traveled quickly to other areas in Morg-City via the Skytrain.

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