Google Chrome: Update for Flash Player

The fast web browser from Google is considered one of the best programs to surf with him through the Internet. Innately brings Google Chrome Web browser with a few additional features to your computer, so that the browser still retains its clarity and speed.

Google Chrome update Flash Player LogoThe Flash Player is one of the most essential add-ons for the browser. With it, videos can be played on popular sites like YouTube or MyVideo and viewed in a web browser. Most users use while the Flash Player from Adobe, which is available as a plugin for almost any browser. But as the Flash Player increasingly cause for concern, as it provides a loophole increasingly attackers, so the issue of this access to the computer.

Google Chrome: Automatic updates for Flash Player

Those who still do not want to do without the media entertainment on the Internet, should pay attention to the safety of their own data, at least ensure that the Flash Player is always up to date. Many modern web browsers do these updates automatically in the background and keep the installed plug-in (and thus the Flash player) by itself up to date. So also the Google Chrome. Is a new version of Flash Player available, it is automatically downloaded and installed. However, this behavior can be disabled in the settings to perform only manual updates. However, this is not recommended.

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Google Chrome: to update the Flash Player manually

Google Chrome update Flash Player ManualAbout the conventional Updater and the Flash Player is updated

Have you finally decided to update your Google Chrome manually, you should look for on a regular basis (every day) for new versions of your plugins. To do this, open the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the program window. Click "About Google Chrome". This opens a window in which Chrome checks for updates. If an update is available, you will receive a message here. Otherwise, you will be told that your Google Chrome is up to date.


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