Stardew Valley: Hardwood farms (hardwood) and enter Secret Woods – Here’s

In Stardew Valley you need relatively early Hardwood to build new buildings and to craft items. We'll tell you how you get to Hardwood and where their new herbekommt if there are on your farm no more snags.

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132420Stardew Valley: Hardwood farms in the Secret Woods - Here's

In Stardew Valley her increasingly Hardwood need the further you in the story progresses to build about new buildings. Eventually, you will run out probably Hard Wood. With Hardwood farming you can prevent it.

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Stardew Valley: Hardwood farms (hardwood) - Here&# 8217; s

To farm in Stardew Valley Hardwood, it proceeds as follows:

  1. On your farm finds its major snags that you can not hack it with your standard ax.
  2. You need to upgrade your ax to the Copper Ax (copper ax): If you've mined from the mines 25 copper ore, you can it in a furnace (kiln) create five copper ingots. Give this along with 2,000 gold coins and your old ax from the Schmied Clint. After 2 days you can pick up the copper ax. Where you can find Clint, you see on our map: Stardew Valley: Map and map with residents and locations (also Pelican Town).
  3. With the copper ax you can now hack on your farm, the larger tree trunks. While most drop about 2 Hardwood next ordinary wood.

    Stardew Valley: Chopped up the stumps, to get to Hardwood.Stardew Valley: Chopped up the stumps, to get to Hardwood.

  4. The even larger, old, fallen trees (Old log) can chop it with an Iron Ax (iron-ax). In order to get the ax from Clint, you however need 5,000 gold coins and 5 iron bars. The Old logs give Hardwood in about 8 units.

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Stardew Valley: Insufficient Hardwood - So you got into Secret Woods

When the stumps you go out in Stardew Valley on the farm, there is an inexhaustible source of hardwood that you can use your: The Secret Woods (Secret Forest). So you come in there:

  1. Making sure that you already have the iron ax.
  2. Now run from your farm to the south. then turn left heading west and run continually until her north of the Wizard&# 8217; s Tower on a fallen, fallen tree trunk stoßt that you blocking the way.

    Stardew Valley: Chopped up the tree trunk with the Iron Ax to get into the Secret Woods.Stardew Valley: Chopped up the tree trunk with the Iron Ax to get into the Secret Woods.

  3. Hacked him with your Iron Ax and run further to the left in the Secret Woods.
  4. In secret forest you find 6 more snags. The special feature: they spawn every day, even if ye have already been released. So you can run every day in the Secret Woods to collect something Hardwood. You can then daily farming 12 Hardwood.

Tip: To add even more Hardwood collect fast as you can Skill Tree Foraging after level 10 choose the profession Forester in combination with Lumberjack. This also ordinary trees drop the hardwood. If you have already chosen the wrong specialization and built you this way, you can still change afterwards:

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