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Star Trek 4 is not yet officially announced by the studio, producer J.J. Abrams has, however, been expressed over the fourth part of the newly imposed Star Trek film series. Even the cast there are already the first info-snippets, although it is not really much known to action. Here you will find all available to date information on the new sci-fi adventure with Captain Kirk, Spock and Co.

1796Star Trek: Beyond - Official Trailer HDStar Trek is present again increasingly in the public consciousness. The last three films, although not huge box office hit but were quite solid Caution successes that ensured that a new generation of viewers were kidnapped in the vast expanse of space. In addition, starting in 2017 also the new Star Trek series: Discovery - probably one of the TV events of the year. At the same time this raises the question of how to proceed with Star Trek at the movies. Specifically, many fans are wondering currently: Will there after Star Trek: Beyond give 4 another part, so Star Trek?

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Star Trek 4 &# 8211; New movie: If a sequel?

When Star Trek 4 (not to be confused with the old Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home) comes to the movies, can be at the moment not yet say exactly but apparently already filming began. Even during the graduation to the most recent part of Star Trek: Beyond remarked J.J. Abrams on the future of the franchise. A fourth part will therefore definitely come and would also Chris Hemsworth return to the canvas. On the part of the film studio Paramount, there was still no concrete information or an announcement that the new Star Trek movie is already being planned. Ironically, even the (very likely) lead actor Chris Pine has recently admitted that he has no idea what it looks like with the project. Pine: "Someone should let them know, so that I can plan my life I finally."

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Also, Zachary Quinto, who plays in the new film Spock, said recently that "there is no guarantee that Star Trek will appear. 4" In the interview with the US Today Show Quinto said that his knowledge would work according to a script and that he would also like to play Spock again. but more details were not known to him.

Quinto: "I know they are working on a script for another film and we will see how that goes. The nice thing about these large projects is that it has sufficient time in between to try different creative experiences. I hope that there is another Star Trek movie, but it's no guarantee. "

The comments suggest that Star Trek 4 is currently still in the planning phase and the film was not officially sanctioned. To complete the picture, but noted that the actors usually are not privy to the development process of a movie, provided they are not also producers.

Star Trek 4: theatrical release in Germany

Also on the theatrical release of Star Trek 4 One can only speculate at the moment. Between the last parts but were still 3 to 4 years: The sequel to Star Trek: Beyond of 2016 thus would appear no earlier than 2019 or 2020th

Star Trek New MovieSource: Paramount

Star Trek 4: action and plot

For the actual action and the plot of the next Star Trek film anything Precise is known at this early stage. Still, there are some interesting details that could have an impact on the story. As mentioned Abrams revealed some time ago that you would have made a deal with Chris Hemsworth. The now thanks Thor has come to some fame actor played the father of James Kirk in the original Star Trek reboot of 2009, but died in the first minutes of the film.

In the next Star Trek part Hemsworth is now to be there again. How this would work exactly Abrams, however, has not betrayed. Time travel, worm holes and cracks in the space-time continuum are in the Star Trek universe but not uncommon &# 8211; so far should find a way certainly to incorporate the character. According to Abrams, the new Star Trek movie will tell the best story in each case, the authors of the reboot series have devised for the Kelvin timeline itself.

Star Trek 4 release dateSource: Paramount

Not so pleasing is the fact that Anton Yelchin will no longer be in the role of Pavel Chekov it. The actor died in 2016 at just 27 years in an accident. This raises the question of what happens to the role in the next film. J.J. Abrams has already commented on this: Probably nothing, since you will Chekov simply no longer new occupy. Perhaps death is but processed in the movie, so you still allows a worthy finish to the character.

Cast, Director, Actor

There is still no official confirmation of who is on the crew of the previous films again with it &# 8211; But one may well safely assume that the following actors are all back on board:

  • Chris Pine
  • Zachary Quinto
  • Zoe Saldana
  • John Cho
  • Karl Urban
  • Simon Pegg

Who will direct, is still unclear: J.J. Abrams was the last part of Star Trek: only active as a producer Beyond and handed the director Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious). Whether the Star Trek newcomer 4 again leads also directed Star Trek, is not yet clear. For the screenplay are responsible for the current state Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, both of which already the script for Star Trek: Beyond mitsch rubbed. Pegg also stands as chief engineer Scott in front of the camera.

Star Trek Enterprise 4Source: Paramount

Once we have the latest news and information on Star Trek 4, we will inform you as usual at this point about it. What do you wish from the next part? What you found in the previous reboots well and what not so well? Or look ye prefer the series Star Trek: Discovery, which starts this year? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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