Android: Enable or disable startup apps

Launches its new the Android smartphone or tablet, to be loaded as a rule, several apps at once. The startup of many apps can lead to important memory is unnecessarily consumed and the smartphone operating sluggish.

Android: Enable or disable startup apps

Here you learn how to turn off the autostart for Android apps.

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Unfortunately, Android itself has no function to suppress the startup. To achieve this, the installation of an additional App is required. Used for this purpose the Autorun Manager. The app allows you to remove unwanted apps from the startup in order to increase the performance of the device.

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  1. After downloading and installing Autorun Manager you start the app.
  2. Activates the Base mode.
  3. There are all installed apps "activated" with the status listed that are automatically loaded at startup.
  4. Click an app, which is no longer to be started automatically and the setting is so "disabled".
  5. If the startup of the apps once disabled, you can end this.
  6. Read this: Android apps quit completely and close tasks.
  7. The next time the device they are no longer being charged.
  8. Will seek to ensure that their unneeded applications closes to z. To avoid example that no SMS or WhatsApp messages can not be received.
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Autostart apps enable Android

The autostart function is built by the programmers themselves into the application. Some apps provide even the setting, turn the autostart on or off. Should not be present an autostart function, you still do not want to give up the automatic start of the app, the use of the app "Llama" is. This can create Android their own rules and profiles. Uses a rule for the startup, which has "Start App" as the event entry and inserts your desired app to activate the auto-run in Android.

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