Amazon: item not received – what to do?

If your Amazon product has been delivered, according to tracking, but you have not received the item, which must be no evidence of fraud. The following can then do it.

It can happen that your product according to Amazon Delivery Tracking has arrived, but you have not received it.

  1. Then opens your orders *Amazon: item not received - what to do? and selects the item.
  2. Satisfied that the item has been sent to the correct shipping address shown you in the picture:

    Checks to see if the shipping address is correctChecks to see if the shipping address is correct

  3. Click then on the button Track delivery for more information on ordering view.
  4. There, you also get the option to ask the seller for your order. Choose either about the subject "Where is my order" from.
  5. You will also find on this Amazon page * the responsible transport service of your package including contact details.
  6. Asks there to kind where your package was delivered.

Considering that an order from abroad may take longer under certain circumstances. Also note the information in the Amazon Help Video:

3150Amazon Help: For a mission not received

Did not get your Amazon products & Find

If you can find your Amazon products anywhere, then:

  • checks whether a family member, a roommate or a neighbor has accepted the goods.
  • Look in the hall, in the garden or in other protected areas of your property to see if the postman has turned the package there.
  • Looking in your mailbox or door frame according to a notification (via a failed delivery attempt).
  • If you have not received notification card, waits for something. It may be that this will be sent later by mail when your mailbox on the day of delivery was not accessible or fully.

If you still have other tips on where a postman hid your package, it likes to write us in the comments to help others.

Amazon package lost

If the package is lost, the sender is just get out fine, if he has a delivery confirmation from the Post / DHL. but asks him nevertheless to a search request, he can apply as follows:

  1. You can do a search request at the post office start (national).
  2. Click through the menus and follow the instructions.

Important: The sender must request the investigation, according to DHL. It can not be initiated until 6 days after the last shipment status update.


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