ROFL: meaning and translation of the acronym in chat and Co.

If you move regularly on the Internet, it is inevitable that you will encounter recurring expressions or abbreviations. An abbreviation that is often used in chats in WhatsApp and Co., is behind "ROFL". But what does that really mean?

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216220The most widely used chat abbreviations and their meanings
In "ROFL" the sender did not make a mistake about and wanted to describe you as "Rolf". there is much more behind the letters of the abbreviation "Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing". translated in German means ROFL "laughing rolling on the floor."

ROFL: translation of the abbreviation

In chats and forums, the abbreviation is used to represent that the person laughs or at least find a previous message or current situation very funny. The abbreviation ROFL thereby indicates an even stronger laughter as the abbreviation "LOL". ROFL is one of the most used chat abbreviations at all and is used both in Germany, as well as in international chats in English and Co. use.


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What does ROFL?

The abbreviation ROFL and its importance has developed the "Roflcopter". This expression was first used in front of a wider audience from a Blizzard Mod in WarCraft III forum. The "Roflcopter" derives it from the Warcraft III unit "Gyrocopter", and also indicates that the user is the abbreviation finds something very funny.

Often the "Roflcopter" in forums and chats is also used as an ASCII image:

.                 ___ ^ ___ _
.          L __ /     \
.LOL === __ \
L \ ___ ___ ___]
.                I I
.           &# 8212;&# 8212;&# 8212; - /

In addition, a GIF version exists for the clarification of the superlative of the abbreviation "ROFL". Meanwhile, the term "ROFL" has set in the language outside of the Internet and is used mainly by young people.


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