PlayStation 4 games 2017: The big list of exclusive titles

For the year 2017, some exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 are pending. Among them are completely new title, successor of popular games and even returner from the old days. It is clear that we can look forward to the title of the year 2017. We provide you the PlayStation exclusive title more closely before.

PlayStation 4 games 2017: The big list of exclusive titles

A very big hit this year is probably Horizon: Zero Dawn and that even in the first quarter of the year. The race between Xbox and PlayStation is therefore already opened. Some of the items are already long expected and unfortunately time will show whether Sony can bring all hoped Games on time to market or whether we still have to wait until 2018 to us.

The number of exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 is quite comprehensive in 2017th We can look forward to games on different areas and of course, among which are some AAA titles. Here you can watch the games in any case that still await us this year:

PlayStation 4 Games 2017: The big list of exclusive titles

2017 lives both completely new titles and sequels of popular games such as NieR Automata or the long-awaited final chapter of the Uncharted series with the standalone expansion The Lost Legacy. We focus on this page to the title coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 or the PS Vita on the market.

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Days Gone

11949Days Gone - E3 2016 - Gameplay Demo

Another hammer in 2017 is with Days Gone. You propose to you through against hordes of zombies and have practically never enough ammunition for the undead in the magazine. In Days Gone you find yourself in an open-world action-adventure again and assume the role of a bounty hunter, fighting what day after day for survival. is forged Days Gone by the developers of Bend Studio, which already Uncharted: Golden Abyss had worked.

days gone title


As Deacon St. John her works as drifters and explore a world full of zombies, which as Freakers are called. These are very adaptable and, unfortunately, very quickly, so you do not can easily penetrate, but often have to choose the safe option. In a pinch you can you make out of the dust and explore the next godforsaken place still with your motorcycle.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

2620Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 Trailer

Horizon: Zero Dawn is definitely one of the highlights of a PS4 exclusive title in 2017. You play the young hunter Aloy and leads them here by a post-apocalyptic world in which you have to assert yourself against robot animals. Aloy is an outcast and fought their way back into the trunk. But that's the end or do you make you even bigger, unexpected dangers?

Horizon Zero Dawn ™ _20170226161716

Horizon: Zero Dawn particularly impressed by the beautiful landscape and the richly detailed characters. By the time you train the small Aloy a mighty warrior in a matriarchistischen world and it's up to you whether you want some different strains or you notes with few allies the dark corruption. Anyway, we are excited about Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Gravity Rush 2

1574Gravity Rush 2 - Trailer

In Gravity Rush 2, the protagonist of the first, part Kat support from the mysterious Raven and policeman Syd .. Together gets puts her the laws of gravity repealed. The story follows on from the events of its predecessor and her start in the city Heksevill, which is located in the reconstruction. Together you introduce yourself to new threats and combat your enemies with lots of acrobatics and skill. Since Gravity Rush 2 is not only a cheap copy of the first part, there are ways to manipulate gravity &# 8211; the combat mechanics were renewed.


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