League of Legends: How much life you have already spent in the game? (Survey)

League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world. Every day, up to 27 million players log to Riot Games&8217; to gamble MOBA. Per month there are even up to 67 million. If you belong also to these millions, you can experience now on a dedicated website, how many hours and days of your precious life time did you spend in the game to her.

wasted on lolTo find out how much time you have already invested in her popular MOBA, simply visit the site and give wastedonlol.com there one your Summoner name. Then you learn hour, we have how long you League of Legends played.

When average test participants are incidentally all 1,054 hours. Summoner claramorgames is high at present in the list of those with 353 days played. Can you still beat this value?


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