So you can repair a USB stick and fix defects

The USB stick has long since replaced the CD or DVD as a storage medium for the transportation of files, documents, MP3s, etc.. Even if the USB stick, unlike the CD gotten no scratches, of course, this technical device is not immune to damage. Find out here how to fix a faulty USB stick.

So you can repair a USB stick and fix defects

As with all technical equipment, there is no panacea even with USB sticks, the device should not be recognized. Yet there are some ways by which you can make a tired USB storage device fit again.

USB flash drive repair Windows

Should the USB stick not be recognized by Windows, you should keep in mind their following solutions. the device first connects to a USB flash drive. the PC does not respond, the error may not need the storage medium, but lie to the USB slot. Tried first, another slot on the computer. Alternatively includes another intact device to the USB slot. If this also is not recognized, you should be repaired on the PC USB ports.

So you can repair a USB stick and fix defectsIf you change the drive letter, you can correct errors with the USB stick

If, however, other devices detected, other conflicts are with the USB device. Often collide assigned drive letters of external hard disks and Co. with a connected USB. Click the right mouse button on the Windows desktop. Now click on "Manage" and open the "Disk Management" under "Storage". Here, the USB stick should now appear as a drive. Change the drive letter to a letter that has not been occupied by the system.

145751OS X Mavericks: Create Bootfähigen USB stick
  1. Call Computer / Computer and click the right mouse button
  2. Select "Manage"
  3. "Disk Management"
  4. Select USB drive with the right mouse button and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths"
  5. Change drive letter on not awarded

So you can repair a USB stick and fix defectsHave you assigned to your USB stick a different drive letter, this should appear in Windows Explorer so that back data can be procrastinated.

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So you can repair a USB Stick

If this is not the case, the error search continues. Reopens the Computer / Computer. If the USB flash drive listed here, this selects the right mouse button and opens the properties. "Tools", or "tools" there is error checking. Let the unit "are now testing". Windows will attempt to repair the USB stick. Sectors and file errors are eliminated on the device. Mucks the memory stick still clicks the right mouse button and opens the function to format the device. Although in this case all data is erased, the device should then but be operational again.

USB flash drive repair: Remove write protection

This process is suitable for. B. is also displayed if the USB flash drive "memory-only" and no data is transferred, or can be pushed onto the stick. z This error can. As caused by the fact that the stick is removed from the USB port without eject this before. Read on this topic:

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On the second page you learn how to repair a USB flash drive when it is not even recognized by the computer.


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