Jimdo login: Registration for clients and webmail free

With Jimdo login you can register on the home page of Jimdo on your own Jimdo site. Just give to the user name and password &# 8211; then guides you to the Jimdo login directly to your own private website on.

Jimdo Login

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Jimdo login: Registration at Jimdo

Jimdo is the website builder on the Internet &# 8211; with the offer you can choose from numerous design templates and create without any prior knowledge easy and simple mouse click your own homepage.

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Jimdo also offers its own Android app, so that you can have mobile access to the online service on the move. Have you secured you a separate page, you can login you there with the Jimdo login.

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How the Jimdo Login

Jimdo offers you Three different login options in to get access to your homepage with Jimdo.

  • Registration on the Jimdo login to the Jimdo Home
  • Login on your own Jimdo website
  • Registration via hidden Jimdo Login

Below we tell you all possibilities &# 8211; the process is basically the same but: The only thing that is different is the way that leads her to the Jimdo login.

Tip: Jimdo also offers its own webmail service, which you can use for free if you are Jimdo customer. The following link you reach the Jimdo webmail login.

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Jimdo Login: Forgot your password &# 8211; solutions

To use the Jimdo Login to log in, you need to access data that you chose when you first log in Jimdo itself. The credentials consist of the name of your Jimdo page and the corresponding password. Did you forget the password, you can reset it on the Recover page of Jimdo. With us you also find tips for a safe password.

use Jimdo login to the Jimdo Home

You can register on the Jimdo page and can be passed on from there to your Jimdo page. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Opens the Jimdo page and click the login box at the top right of the screen.
  2. Give the internet address of your Jimdo page (deine-domain.jimdo.com) and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click the end Login.

Jimdo Login Home

Then you will be redirected to your Jimdo page.

Registration on personal Jimdo page

You've got to not always have the Jimdo Home login, but can also do on your own created with Jimdo website. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. First opens your Jimdo page by her eingebt the side of the www address in the browser window.
  2. Now automatically opens a login box.
  3. Give here your password and then confirm with Login.

Jimdo registration website

use hidden Jimdo Login registration

Are you JimdoPro- or JimdoBusiness users, can you sign up you also use the hidden login on your side. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. First opens your Jimdo page by her eingebt the side of the www address in the browser window.
  2. Appended to the address of your hand, the extension /Login and then confirmed by pressing Enter.
  3. Example: www.deinedomain.de/Login.
  4. Then you come to a separate login screen where you eingebt the password and logs you as described above.

So you hide the Jimdo Login

Jimdo Login hideIf necessary, you hide the Jimdo Login easily on your website.

If you are JimdoPro- or JimdoBusiness users, you can login to the Jimdo site about the function Login Hide hide. Announces you to on your page and click on the taskbar, click Settings. In the window that opens now, you find the point website hide login option &# 8211; click it once.

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Jimdo login does not work, Jimdo down and unreachable: Solving problems

Maybe it does not work simultaneously with the Jimdo login and you can not log you on your Jimdo page &# 8211; attempts in this case one of the following solutions:

  • Pay attention to enter the correct Internet address for your site.
  • Especially with longer addresses a slightly errors may occur.
  • The same applies to your Jimdo password.
  • also pays attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • There may also be a problem with the Jimdo servers so that the page is currently unavailable.
  • Jimdo offers for this purpose on its own support page for accessibility.

More tips on how you build your own website can be found here: is this easy to create your own home page. We also show you also what you should consider when Facebook login.

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