Google Play: Airtime and shopping in the store

Will you paid apps, movies, music and more load on your Android device, you will pass hardly the Google Play Store. Find out here how you can boost your Google Play balance to conveniently shop in Google's virtual marketplace.

Credit for the Google Play store can be both online and easily recharge via credit cards. The prepaid cards can be found in many supermarkets, gas stations or electrical shops. A choice of credit cards that are charged with the predetermined values ​​of 15, 25 or 50 Euro. The credit can simply click on the own Google Account be loaded and used for the next app purchases.

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Google Play Airtime possible online

Also online can be purchase credit for the Google Play Store. Here one should, however, read user reviews from other buyers before ordering. Not infrequently credit codes are promised, where it turns out the Aufladeversuch counterfeit. On eBay, there are also a provider where you can buy Google Play credit online. The credit code is then delivered via e-mail. When online retailers should use the ratings the seller before buying.

Google Play balances on eBay*

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Charging Play Store credit

On the safe side you are, if you use the credit cards from the retailers. So you can add the balance of the cards purchased their own Play Store account:

play-store credits charging

  1. Calls her the Google Play app on your smartphone on.
  2. If you use multiple Google accounts, made sure you that you use the desired account.
  3. Draws on the screen from the left to the right and select "Redeem" from the menu.
  4. There you see also, which Google Account you are currently traveling in the Play Store.
  5. Here you give the code, which you can scratch off on the back of the credit card.

In the browser on your PC, you can recharge the Play Store account with new credits.

  1. Gets the Google Play chart on the browser.
  2. Login you one with your Google Account, if not already done.
  3. Give a gift card or the action code in the appropriate field.
  4. click on &Cashing; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  5. The balance will be charged to your account and can be offset against your next purchase in the Play Store. Remaining balance will naturally exist and can be squandered in the future for apps, games and movies.

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Charging Play Store credit card with the browser 

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On the home page of the Play Store is found in the left navigation of the button "Redeem". Chooses this point, get in touch with your Google account and can on the next page the balance-enter code and so increase your credit. Alternatively, the credit can be redeemed directly in the purchase process and used as means of payment.

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Play Store credit cards: One can buy with them


For the following goods, the Play Store credit card or the credit can be used:

  • Apps
  • games
  • (Borrow and buy) Movies
  • Music (including Play Music subscription)
  • Books
  • Magazines from the newsstand (including subscriptions)

Only Hardware, ie Nexus smartphones, the Chromecast and the like can via the not bought assets in the Play Store become. The products that are purchased with the credit will be automatically linked to the appropriate Google account. So you can for example also access the respective films in the future if such. As your Android device is reset. In addition to credit cards PayPal and the credit card are among the payment methods that can be used in the Play Store.

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Article September 13, 2013, last updated on September 19, 2016


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