Home Key: Where can I find it on the keyboard?

In some programs, you are prompted to press the Home button or the Home key. Where to find the button on your keyboard, we explain in this article.

Home Key: Where can I find it on the keyboard?Source: Rainer Sturm /pixelio.de

Home key on the keyboard American

On German keyboards are nowhere a button bearing the designation Home. It is found only on American keyboards in QWERTY format &# 8211; and via the arrow keys.

Home Key for German keyboards

On German keyboards the position 1 key is functionally equivalent to the Home Key. If you prompted to press just those choosing instead the "Pos 1" key. It is deposited with standard keyboards and notebooks with numeric keypad on the 7th To select the function, previously the number pad must be disabled by pressing the Num Lock key. Sometimes the item can also be controlled via pressing the Fn key first

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Differences: American and German keyboards

There are a number of differences between German and American keyboards. With US keyboards can not all characters used in English, for example, no umlauts, are produced, even using ShortKeys. With the US-International version of American keyboard key special characters used in German are to be made, though not all. Anyone who wants to learn more about the differences, read the article "American Keyboard: What are the differences?"

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There are a number of function keys that can make a work on the computer easier when you know where to find them and how to use them.

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