High School Musical 4: information about Trailer, Cast, story and start to Germany

Eight years after "High School Musical 3 - Senior Year" that there will be a fourth installment of the teen movie series High School Musical became known this year. Scene of the East will be high where the protagonists struggle with song and dance about friendship, acceptance and love again. What information is available to the actors if Zac Efron is back in the official cast is whether there is a reunion with the basketball team Wildcats and further information we have listed for you.

Music, dance, love - all can hope to fans of the series also announced High School Musical 4 (HSM). For the Disney Channel returns with his worldwide success around the musical and sporting teens back to East High.

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True fans of the HSM films have now turned their passion into a fictional trailer for High School Musical. 4 Since there is still no official trailer, the best and most exciting scenes were edited together to shorten the waiting time for the sequel.


The global phenomenon High School Musical *High School Musical 4: information about Trailer, Cast, story and start to Germany this year celebrated its anniversary, for the premiere of the first part was held on January 20 of 2006. The story of the musical high school students attracted in the US alone 7.7 million viewers to their screens. In addition, the HSM soundtrack won *High School Musical 4: information about Trailer, Cast, story and start to Germany the Billboard Music Award for Soundtrack ds year.

But what we know about the new TV movie of HSM and to see our idols back in front of the camera?

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High School Musical 4: Cast and further information

Are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens also part of the new High School Musical cast? Fans of the popular High School Musical actor must be very strong: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman no longer play with. But in real HSM admirers constantly new rumors are certainly not gone to the succession of their heroes around the dream couple Troyella over. It was said, for example, that singer Taylor Swift Vanessa Hudgens should be replaced. It is clear that now the great casting has begun.

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is traded hot Merit Leighton, who lent her voice Lucinda in the original version of the animated series "Sofia the First" and is currently on display in Dropping the Soap.

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The characters from the fourth part of the High School Musical

Who will be the focus of the new musical film? Of course it is here again to teenagers on their musical way to find their own identity. We can look forward to these roles:

  • CampbellHe is a passionate soccer player and theater players. It is reminiscent of Troy Bolton.
  • ErinShe is the only girl in the football team.
  • DerekDerek also plays football, but are incidentally dancing lessons for young girls in the family dance studio.
  • Tamara: Want to always be at the center - after all, she was the Queen of the East High.
  • NatalieShe is the best friend of Erin at the cheerleaders of East High.

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Plot of High School Musical 4

About the story of High School Musical 4 is also not as much is not yet leaked. We already know about the plot and the characters from the new High School Musical:

  • Campbell falls in love with Erin. While Campbell has, after all, a family relationship with the HSM Stars: He is the cousin of Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale).
  • Erin for its part, an eye on Derek thrown and so we again have a complicated love triangle.

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The screenplay was written again by Peter Barsocchini, who was responsible for the first three already High School Movies. He is supported by Dan Berendsen (Hannah Montana: The Movie *High School Musical 4: information about Trailer, Cast, story and start to Germany, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie *High School Musical 4: information about Trailer, Cast, story and start to Germany). Director is Jeffrey Hornaday (Teen Beach Movie *High School Musical 4: information about Trailer, Cast, story and start to Germany) to lead. Executive Producer Bill Borden will be again and Barry Rosenbush.

High School Musical 4 - fans waiting for the story and start date

Is football so the new basketball? Must we give up the East End Wildcats? However, other sources report that there will be a duel between the basketball teams of high school in the new High School Musical. Allegedly, the East End Wildcats compete in HSM 4 against the West High Knights. Once we know more about the story and the actors, you read it here.

Since the actors are being cast in the new part, a start date for the next triangle in High School Musical, however, is probably only for the 2018th

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