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The Google cache is handy if you earlier or even deleted sites want to view. We tell you how you can look for such prior versions and also how her loswerdet Webmasters, these recaps.

In Google cache old versions of a web page to be saved. This is particularly interesting when it comes to sites that have now been deleted. True to the motto &# 8220; The Internet never forgets&# 8221 ;, look there for contents that have since been altered or removed. However, this memory is not enough endlessly far back. For a more complete collection you can use the Wayback Machine.

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Search Google Cache targeted

That you may know what can be found in Google Cache, you have to lead you in mind how Google works. Googlebot roams through the Internet and visit websites. The content is analyzed, sorted according to specific criteria and included in the collection. changes one side, then which is incorporated again and the old version ends up in the Google cache. Seen in the cache always enough so back only one version.

google-cache-in-cacheget the Google cache directly

There are two ways to get to a page version in the Google cache. It is easiest if you search on Google for one side and once it is listed, you click next to the URL on the little arrow. This will open a small menu opens (as seen in the picture above) and from there it goes directly to the cached page version.

You can directly call pages from the Google cache. To but you have to know exactly the address of the requested page. So you go about it:

  1. Give in the address line of your browser:

  2. Behind the colon you hang the desired address directly. So for example:

  3. Now you get the last version of this page displays, which can be found in the Google cache.

google cache version

At the top of Google displays an information box. There, you, among others, when the version displayed is derived. In this way you can with a little luck already find deleted in the Google cache.

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remove deleted web pages from the Google cache

If you have deleted a Web page and want to remove it from the Google cache, you stand in front of a logical problem. It is relatively easy to remove a website from the search results. So they do not disappear from the cache! To achieve this, you must proceed in several steps. We tell you the procedure.

  1. First of all is important that you yourself have full control over the website. You can not just other Internet sites from the search results and removed the Google cache. To check this, you must have an account with Google Webmaster Tools to create and side register there first.
  2. Next, you need to confirm that you are really up to the administrator. That done, for example, that you insert a code snippet in the header of the page and retrieve initiated by Google.
  3. Now you have the Remove page to be deleted from the server. Optionally, you can also block access to it through robots.txt file or the day &# 8220; noindex&# 8221; Write in the header. The best and easiest but the real erasure of the page!
  4. Then you can apply for the complete deletion of the site from the search index and cache on Google. Calls for in Webmaster Tools menu Remove Google index / URLs on. Give the appropriate address and the next window you choose to remove and delete from the cache.


Google will now check relatively quickly whether the page was actually deleted or blocked and customize its search results. The page will be removed from the Google cache and not resumed since it is not found anymore.

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