Lock Postbank Card: So it goes quickly and easily

Is your Postbank card been lost, you should this necessarily be blocked as soon as possible. While a PIN number is required for withdrawals, but in some stores the payment also works simply by signature. So you certainly will, that no one can clear your account, you must urgently initiate the blocking of debit card. Here you learn all the necessary information for it.

Lock Postbank Card: So it goes quickly and easily

Almost all banks have set up for emergencies own numbers, but there is also the possibility to block the card via a single point. It is advisable to carry this phone number with them or internalize, that ye in the event of loss of the card, for example, while on holiday at hand you quickly.

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Lock Postbank card: Central number for blocking of debit cards, online banking access, credit cards and personal ID

The call of the central emergency number is free of charge domestically. Charge for calls from abroad, the amount of which depends on the particular network provider.

  1. The number is: 116 116
  2. The central body for blocking is open 24 hours, so you can at any time there reach someone.
  3. From abroad you choose in addition to the service number nor the common code to: +49116116 or alternatively: +49 304050 4050th
  4. Quoted you the time of card blocking.

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Postbank card lock phone booth abroad

Lock Postbank Card: Direct emergency number Postbank

Apart from the central locking possibility you can also directly at Postbank are taking steps:

  1. The restricted number of Postbank can be reached around the clock.
  2. The number is: 0228 5500 5500

There, certain data of you are queried:

  • name and adress
  • IBAN or account number and bank
  • Your telephone PIN for the speech dialogue system: If you do not know your PIN, you can interrupt the system by its lock says &# 8211; then you will give to a consultant.
  • Quoted you the time of card blocking.

Postbank deposit machine: Locations and Functions

Lock Postbank map

Postbank Card: General information on blocking

To be actuarially on the safe side, you should in addition to the fastest possible instigation of a card blocking, report the loss and the police. If there is a misuse of the card, refunded you the Postbank the damage, if you filed a complaint and have quickly blocked the card. Unless you are complied with this duty of care, it is liable for unauthorized load your account with a maximum of 150 €.

7827Postbank: On-spot fingerprint

Postbank hotline: So you reach the Customer


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