Dying Light: announced 10 free DLC for the next 12 months

The developer Techland still celebrated in his video player strong figures for Dying Light and announces continued support. All ten free DLCs are to appear in the next twelve months for the platforms PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

1363Dying Light: 10 Free DLC Announcement

Over two years ago, it is now that the zombie spectacle Dying Light came into the world. Still has the game according to the developer Techland well recorded half a million weekly players, so the studio has now announced more content, such VG24 / 7 reports. No less than ten new DLC Techland wants to publish, according to the announcement video on these lines in the next twelve months - and completely free of charge on all platforms, so PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dying Light online now!*

Players should be allowed while looking forward to "new enemies, concerts, mysteries and more." A little taste of Techland has already announced in the form of apparently coming soon DLC # 0th That the developer his players continue feeding so diligently with free content is likely to be part of the success of Dying Light: still to have such an active player base over two years, is a feat that truly fails every title - recall about to Games as Evolve.


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