“GEZ” pay cash and get around: Is that possible?

The business journalist Norbert Häring recently came up with the idea to declare his GEZ collection authorization to want to pay the contributions due in the future bar. In the days following his blog post, many followed the example and want henceforth now even annoy the "ARD ZDF Germany Radio Post Service", by paying the contributions due in cash.

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Haring indicates to cause substantial administrative costs through the cash payment that would release him as a result of the obligation to contribute. But can you really be exempted by paying the "GEZ" in cash from paying duty?

pay "GEZ" bar: Is that possible?

In early May described Haring, as he announced his debit authorization for the post service in February. His goal was to convince as many others from following his example by also cancel the direct debit and insist on a cash payment. This would lead to a corresponding additional expenditure with high costs, at the same time could be as a protest against the alleged compulsory levy are presented. But really does it work? Is the payment of the "GEZ" in cash and legally possible to possibly be exempt from paying duty?


The justification Norbert Harting leading the Bundesbank law according to which any payment shall not be required to pay by direct debit or bank transfer and cash must be accepted as legal tender for payments in Germany. From this derives Harting to be able to pay the license fee and cash.

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Those responsible for the license fee have already responded shortly after the blog post. So it is now on the website "The broadcasting fee must be paid cash." Reference is made to regulations in the Broadcasting Treaty. even a cash payment is also explicitly regulated there. So it is in exceptional cases, such as a lack of own bank account, it is possible to deposit the GEZ fee in cash directly from the bank.

Lawyer Christian Solmecke dampens the hopes of all German residents who want to bypass by the cash the GEZ. He argues that Norbert Harting has interpreted the cited Section 14 of the Bundesbank Act wrong. According Solmecke the requirement that payments within Germany will be carried out with the euro as legal tender regulates. An acceptance of banknotes of other countries can therefore be denied. The paragraph, however, does not regulate the method of payment, ie whether, to be paid in cash by direct debit or bank transfer.

The initiator of the action, Haring, however, are not yet defeated. It lends itself to examples in which a payment of broadcast contribution was not a problem in cash and without any additional fees. is spoken until the last word, so some lawyers will probably still have to worry ...

We tell you the conditions under which you can cancel at GEZ.

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