Sky Go: How can we use the same number of devices?

With Sky Go you can program the pay-TV channel track and off the TV and watch, for example, in the summer soccer league live on the balcony on the tablet. Do you still have other people in the household, the question arises as to how many devices can be used simultaneously on Sky Go.

Of course, a Sky-go access only to a limited number of tablets, smartphones, PCs can be used etc.. Find out here what limits are there and what you can do if the maximum number of devices for the reception of Sky Go is exhausted.

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Sky Go: Two devices simultaneously &# 8211; Is that possible?

Who wants to watch Sky programs live, should set the TV and equipment plan early.


  • Since April 2014, the access to Sky Go is one and the same account simultaneously is limited only to a device.
  • so it is no longer possible to view parallel with a smartphone and a laptop Sky-Go program.
  • If you try to log on, while another user is already using Sky Go, you will receive an error message. In order to perform the login attempt
  • The restriction also applies if a second card purchases.
  • The change was introduced, 2014. At that time, the online service was made available to all Sky customers free of charge. Previously Sky Go had to be booked for a fee, but could then be operated with two devices simultaneously.


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Sky Go: How can we use the same number of devices?

So therefore the House Blessing remains, you must agree before kick off the Bundesliga match day, who has the television and who has to resort to the live stream of the Sky program via tablet and co.

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While the simultaneous operation is limited to a device that can Sky Go with a pay-TV subscription, of course, be used on multiple devices if they do not run parallel. At most you can be logged in with an account on four different tablet, smart phones and more and get online at different times football, series and more. If the quota is exhausted, the device list must be reset. What one should note the, learn it here: Sky Go Device List Reset: Manual

Note that a login to the Sky Kids app counts for the sum of the maximum of four entrances. If both apps run on a device, this also is true than ever access. Registration takes place as soon as you log in with his Sky account number and PIN and retrieves a content. Who plays with the idea to share the access to friends and family who do not have Sky subscription, should not superior. Here there is a breach of the terms of the pay-TV channel, which can lead to a costly penalty.

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