deleted WhatsApp CONTACT: What others see yet?

Almost everyone has probably already been deleted a WhatsApp contact or banned someone from the contact list on your smartphone. Here, of course, raises the question of what is actually happening with that person. Receives the other of which something? And what people see that you have removed WhatsApp, actually even from oneself? The answers you will find in this article.

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The ex-girlfriend, with whom you want to have nothing more to do, the annoying acquaintance who has prematurely given the cell phone number on the last weekend or the one wants neither phone nor write colleague. There are plenty of reasons and occasions to remove a person from the list of his WhatsApp contacts. It would be best, of course, if the other thereby also automatically receives no access to their own profile &# 8211; but really does it that simple? And what others see when you have deleted a WhatsApp contact? We clarify.

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WhatsApp contact deleted &# 8211; What do the other?

If you delete a WhatsApp contact the other person gets only once nothing with them, that is, there is no special notification that alerts the user to it. To delete a contact at WhatsApp, you have the Remove the phone number of the person from the address book of your mobile phones &# 8211; that is, the number must be removed completely. Then it depends on how you get your visibility have set in the settings of WhatsApp, which may see of you the other yet.

  • Typed in the WhatsApp settings to account ⇒ privacy.
  • Here you can specify who can see this information at points Last Online, profile picture and info.
  • You have here the choice between Anyone My contacts and Nobody.
  • If you do not want that a deleted contact can still see some of you, you should therefore adjust the options My Contacts.
  • The contact can then no longer see when you were last seen, does not get access to your profile image and no information about you.
deleted WhatsApp contact him to see me yetWhatsApp: can set her what allowed to see other people from you here.

Here, however, some are exceptionsEven if you've deleted from the phone book to another person and have adjusted the settings, the contact can still see when you are online. In addition, he also sees the recent chat history and so can you write. So for the other that looks a little strange: Your image and status are suddenly disappeared &# 8211; but otherwise everything is the same.

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WhatsApp: Deleted Contact: So you block the other person

To ensure that you can not write about the other person WhatsApp, you block the contact rather than the number from the contacts to remove.

WhatsApp contact deleted what he seesIn order to prevent the owner via WhatsApp you can contact, you have to block them.
  1. For this you open the chat history with that person and then types the name of the contact to access the contact information.
  2. then scroll down until you see the point block this contact, tapping it.
  3. Reaffirms and the person is unable to contact you, so write or call via WhatsApp.

If you now delete the number from the contacts, the contact is in principle completely erased. The person can not see anything more of you and no longer reach you.

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