Initialize PS4: how it works and that’s behind

Over time, numerous data, Scores and personal information accumulated on the PlayStation. 4 If you want to sell the console, give away or regularly shows the device malfunctions, you should reset the console back to the factory settings and data to the default value. This works by initializing the PlayStation 4th

Initialize PS4: goes like this's und das steckt dahinter

Initializing all user data, including Scores and logins will be deleted from the console. Initialization can not be undone, so you should back up all important data beforehand elsewhere.

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Initialize PS4 and erase all data

Before resetting should therefore ensure that Scores that are to be played are also backed up online in the cloud. DLC content can be downloaded as usual from the PSN store after the operation again, if still available. Do you want to perform the initialization is as follows:

  1. Starts the console and controls the settings.
  2. Selects here the "initialization" option.
  3. Now can you Löchen all settings and scale game data on "Restore".
  4. Here you can select whether the machine should continue to be used as the primary system. This setting can accept it if you want to keep the console. With a planned sale and the associated reset 4 it deactivates the PlayStation as the primary system.
  5. The process takes a few minutes to complete.
  6. If initialization you have a fresh console before you, the you can you log on as usual with your PSN login.


In the fast initialization, the data are still present and are overwritten. With special tools private data from experts can still be read. "Full" the entire hard drive is completely re-fitted. Although the latter process takes longer, but is also more reliable.

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Initialize PS4: fast or full?

During initialization, the console should on no account be turned off or removed from the power grid, as this damage can be caused to the system. By initializing the latest firmware version remains active on the console. A downgrade is not possible in this way. Do you have the hard drive of the PS4 replaced, the original HDD should be reinstated during initialization to avoid any errors.


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