Samsung TV: Search stations – how it works

The best TV is no good if you can thus receive nothing. After connecting the first tuning thus available to. Depending on the TV set, the setting, over which one can fill the channel list is different.

Find out here how to search for TV channels at a Samsung.

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Samsung TV: Start the channel scanning

Depending on the model, the process for the tuning is different to a Samsung TV. How it works at the Samsung F-Series:

  1. Controls "menu" on the remote control over that.
  2. Selects the "channel reception" section.
  3. This stretches the "Auto option. select channel search ". Do you want to search for specific stations that selects "manual search".
  4. Confirmed the search on "Start".

Samsung TV: Search stations - how it works

Before you go, you have to do is choose the type of TV reception. so give here whether the TV signal via cable or satellite reaches the television. Furthermore, you can select the channel type and specify whether a full or fast search starts. With "Scan" the smart Samsung TV sets out to search for new TV programs. The device may take some time to complete.

With the additional program "Samsung PC Channel List Editor" you also can edit channel lists with Samsung devices.

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So you can search for programs on Samsung televisions and set

For televisions of the series "ES" and "EH" it works slightly differently:

  1. Calls "menu" on.
  2. Selects different than described above, the "channel" option.
  3. Here you can the "Auto again. select channel search ".
  4. now selects the appropriate settings for your reception mode and starts the search on "Next". Pays attention to selecting the right provider in the appropriate option or the setting becomes "other".

the program search works similarly with Samsung TVs of series D and C. Which series is your television, you can see in the model code. The fifth position of the letter and number sequence indicates the model series.

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If no stations are found during scanning, checks whether the antenna cable is properly seated. With a satellite dish, of course, the position of the dish should be checked.


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