WhatsApp Hotline & amp; Help: Is there a phone number?

Is there a hotline WhatsApp, what's the phone number and what about the other contact data and the service of the Messenger giants from? Will we help?

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WhatsApp: Troubleshooting? Is there a phone number?

WhatsApp itself headquartered in the US and is very tight-lipped not only to the press, but also compared to its own users. So it is not surprising then that it No WhatsApp hotline or service telephone number are, under which one could reach a support service to obtain a solution with questions and problems.

In addition to the missing hotline but there are still three ways, to contact the service team of WhatsApp. This we introduce to you once in the following guide.

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WhatsApp contact data &# 8211; P.O. Box & e-mail

For one, you can write a letter WhatsApp course. However, this could take some time and a response from the American headquarters of the messenger developer, is not necessarily to be expected:

WhatsApp Inc.
650 Castro Street, Suite 120-219
Mountain View, California, 94041
United States of America

Contact by email

Far more makes sense here the contact e-mail. TheĀ Support E-mail address WhatsApp is as follows: [email protected] But here you should allow some time for a possible answer. In many cases, the request is nevertheless ignored. The service of WhatsApp can be so much to be desired.

WhatsApp is indeed used by many, but the official service is more for the A ....WhatsApp is indeed used by many, but the official service is more for the A&# 8230 ;.

Help in WhatsApp itself &# 8211; Contact the Messenger App

In WhatsApp even a link to the FAQ is built in which finds its answers to many questions about the messenger. There is also the possibility of the support staff to contact. Again, however, the response rate is likely to keep well within limits.

  1. Opens WhatsApp and tap on the menu icon (top right).
  2. Now tap on Settings.
  3. In the settings menu you then tap on About and HelpScreenshot_2015-03-19-10-33-37
  4. Now you taps Contact us where you can describe your problem briefly.Screenshot_2015-03-19-10-33-44
  5. Optionally you can also additionally add images from your problem if necessary.
  6. If her problem (and images) have added their taps conclusively Next button to send your problen to the WhatsApp team.

Hotline for WhatsApp SIM

However, if you have no problem with the Messenger itself, but only with the WhatsApp SIM, the contact is much easier. Provider of the WhatsApp SIMist E-Plus in Germany, which it reached on the follow where contact:

Buy WhatsApp SIM*

Alternative help on Google and Co.

But do not worry, just because there is no hotline number or a good support service WhatsApp itself, does not mean that you are with your questions and problems in the rain will let. On the Internet and also on GIGA find her help: there are, for each possible or impossible problem, for each question to the WhatsApp updates and Co. almost always a good answer.

Examined so just out GIGA or Google for your concern. In 99 percent of cases you will find on this subject an article that can solve your problem.


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