Dark Souls 3: Sirris – Quest Walkthrough for warrior from the sunless kingdom

Sirris from the sunless kingdom is an NPC in Dark Souls 3 and a faithful member of the &# 8220; sinister blade of the moon&# 8221 ;. It appears in the course of your adventure in the fire belt Shrine and brings a comprehensive quest series with it, in which you can get many rewards, if you completed the individual steps correctly. Our comprehensive Quest Walkthrough will help you in this.

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Dark Souls 3: Quest completely detached from Sirris

Attention! Sirris despised members of Rosaria's finger. Should you at any point in the game to equip the oath of Roasaria or bleach donate tongue in Rosaria, Sirris is irretrievably left the band fire shrine, after you have performed one last dialogue with her. You may speak with Rosaria and receive the oath, but as I said not equip him or deepen! You can then go on again until a new innings the quest.
  1. Sirris from the sunless kingdom appears in the fire belt shrine, once you with Anri and Horace on the Path of sacrifice right next to the beacon of semi-solid have spoken.
  2. Speak with Sirris until the dialogues repeat itself.
  3. now worried you the Ashes of a dream hunter from the Farron-festivals. It is located behind a wall in the room with the illusion Old wolf of Farron. The location you see in the following video.2952Dark Souls 3: Ashes of a dream hunter - Locality
  4. returns to the fire tape shrine and give the ashes of Shrine Maiden. It does not matter what answer you give to the question of where their herhabt the ashes. Sirris now surfaced yet again in the fire belt Shrine.
  5. Her once have to travel there somewhere and return. then speak with Sirris and you get the gesture &# 8220; Darkmoon loyalty&# 8221 ;, which you need to give the oath &# 8220; sinister blade of the moon&# 8221; join.dark-souls-3-gesture-dark-moon faithful
  6. Moreover, their Sirris can now summon as a white NPC Phantom for the boss fights against the guards of the abyss, the deacons of the abyss, the Dragonslayer armor and against Prince Lorian and Lothric. Whether you do this or not does for the rest of the quest but not matter.
  7. Once you in Irithyll of Nordwindtals have arrived and locked at the first beacon after the bridge, goes back to the end of the bridge. Here's the call symbol of Sirris appears.
  8. Use it and you will summon a phantom in the world of Sirris. Help her here to Invader Creighton hikers to kill and they will then reappear in the fire belt Shrine where she hands you the silver cat ring as a reward and the Dagger Blessed chain breaker.
  9. You can then find the Armor Set of Creighton on the bridge when it it near the beacon of Yorshkas Church You killed the invader in your world.
  10. It continues with Sirris&8217; Quest in front of the room with the Fluchverderbten Großholz. Here reappears her call sign, if you killed the bosses Fluchverderbtes Großholz and Aldrich, the gods eater.
  11. Let yourself now back as a ghost in their world call and help her doing the Wall Bauer Templars Hodrick to defeat. You have so far failed to join the oath of Wall Bauer, you now get the corresponding badge after the victory.4383Dark Souls 3: Eid "Wall Bauer" - locality
  12. After returning to your world you can now in the lower pit find the Armor Set Tempelritter Hodrick.
  13. Now returns back into the fire tape shrine back and talk again with Sirris. You would now like to Knight oath take with you. Rejects her off, you can them as enemy cover in the sink pit found. Do you take their oath of allegiance, however, said they give you is faithful from now on and you may be able even kill without which it defends itself. In addition, this will also not count as sinning.dark-souls-3-Sirris-Allegiance
  14. Between the fire and the band Shrine Beacon of Iudex Gundyr can now visit her grave Tempelritter Hodrick, because there is now his Sunset Shield.
  15. After her prince Lorian and Lothric have defeated, you can at the grave of the grandfather of the Sirris sunless Talisman record, tape. Keep just the cliff to find you after leaving the range of Iudex Gundyr right the grave.
  16. Finally, now you can also buy the Armor Set of Sirris at the Shrine Maiden.

Interesting facts about Sirris

  • Sirris is the granddaughter of the Knights Templar Hodrick and based on the dialogues, which you will notice during the fight against Hodrick, it was bringing from the beginning their goal her grandfather to the track. So they wanted to finally give him peace and the wrong way err Wall Bauer to free.
  • Kill her Sirris at any time during the quest, you can buy at the Shrine Maiden her armor set.
  • Did you take the oath &# 8220; warrior of sunlight&# 8221; equipped, if you will indeed summoned by Sirris in their world, you always get after fighting a Sunlight Medal.

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