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iMessage is available to everyone, the iPad Air *iMessage for Windows - how it worksiMessage for Windows - how it works, iPhone *iMessage for Windows - how it worksiMessage for Windows - how it works, iPod touch *iMessage for Windows - how it worksiMessage for Windows - how it worksiMessage for Windows - how it worksor Mac with Lion (or higher) was used. The Web can you news, photos, videos, locations and contact information to send and receive. Will you open the Windows Phone iMessage and searches for the Instant Messager download? Or do you use iMessage in the browser? Whether and how it brings iMessage to run on Windows, you experience the following guide.

How convenient would it be to start iMessage on Windows-based devices. Is there somewhere the app to download, as some websites promise?

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Video: So you installed iViewer - Remote iMessage client for Linux

12371iViewer iMessage client for Linux - Installation

Caveat: there is no official way to use iMessage on Windows Phone via app or the browser online - at least one iMessage version of Windows without jailbreak is not offered. Blow it on said app that promises you to use the Instant Messager also on devices with Windows operating system, it is usually as much as dangerous malware. Be careful when you 'downloads a so-called iMessage Windows client and look best on this possibility. There is but one way to be able to chat with the popular client also off the iOS devices.

iMessage for Windows - Jailbreak

To use iMessage on Windows, first a jailbreak your Apple device is needed. A jailbreak is common when you want to install applications that are not offered by the Store from Apple App. It makes it possible to purchase apps and themes from Cydia alternative providers.

For Cydia download

Jailbreak = Full risk! A jailbreak is nothing but a hack your operating system. For example, if an app does not appear in the App Store, allows you the jailbreak yet the desired installation example of iMessage. But beware: The downloaded apps are not checked, may become unstable or malware embeds itself on your device. In case of a jailbreak and ensuing problems such as system crashes, the warranty no longer applies and you will sit on your detriment. As you can proceed in the case, you read remove items jailbreak.

use remotely Messages iMessage on your Windows PC

After jailbreak you can download and install the application Remote messages from Cydia. Remote Messages is a browser-based front-end application for the iOS Messages application. To use iMessages on Windows, you simply have to do the following:

  1. Open Cydia and search for Remote Messages. You'll find versions for iOS 8 and iOS. 9 Selects the appropriate for your system version and installs it.
  2. Navigated after installation to "Settings", then "Remote Messages". Created a username and password.
  3. The iOS device and the Windows computer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Your iOS model shows you an IP address and a server port in Remote Messages area. These data you have to enter separately into the address field of your computer browser by a colon.
  5. Example: IP address: and Server port: 1025
    -> Entry into the browser:
  6. Now you give a your user name and your password.

The settings should be complete. You can put it into sleep mode and use iMessages with the Windows computer your iOS device.

iMessage Remote MessagesiMessage Remote Messages

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