play Fallout 4 in Co? How the ultimate troll mode!

No more buck to constantly act like the Lone Wanderer in Fallout 4? Never mind the role play can be, thanks to the Pip-Boy App (iOS, Android) also play in co-op. Do not you think? Well, not entirely true. Funny are the following troll actions where you eingreifst in the game of your fellow man, anyway.

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A wicked brother in the subreddit / r / Fallout leads the way in the example of his sister: He grabs smartphone and app connects to the PC of his unsuspecting sister and fuscht neatly in its inventory around to her to get on your nerves. What is really hard for her, for him &# 8211; and for us &# 8211; just wonderfully funny. As you can you imitate the trolling action at home and what ideas are particularly effective and annoying, learn it later.

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Probably the best co-op in the world &# 8211; and so goes&# 8217; s:

While your trolling victim degree relish playing a game of Fallout 4, you open the Pip-Boy app on your smartphone. Then you have to touch of a button within the app with the console (PS4, Xbox One) or PC in the room to connect, and then have permanent access to the Pip-Boy (and thus the inventory, the card, the menu) the player.

And so you trollst correctly:

  • Drop the weapon, which uses your sacrifice degree in battle.
  • Change secretly the player's clothes &# 8211; but only bit by bit, so that no suspicion arises.
  • While your trolling victims grad in your inventory, you can change the active mission. So then the person runs perhaps in the wrong direction and starts a mission that they did not want to start at this time.
  • all of a sudden take heaps of the Fallout drugs or drink too much alcohol from the inventory.
  • Initiate after a quick trip another quick trip to a different location. Here you have to be quick, so everything looks like a very long loading screen &# 8211; except that your victim ends up at the completely wrong point in the game.
  • Change secretly Radio Channel &# 8211; more classical, less Diamond City Radio. The radio continuously on and off would be another option.
  • Leave bread crumbs in the Badlands by looking fall leaves every few meters collected waste.
  • Change the favorites of your trolling victim: Does it, for example, a gun in a speed dial slot, replace these one by one Fat. If it's the weapon will move quickly in battle and used without thinking, then the person will get a surprise:


Note: You have to in the same room (or the same apartment) as your trolling victims are. So there are especially siblings, spouses, children or friends who are visiting.

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via Reddit / lyravega

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