Ntoskrnl.exe: Again and again blue screen

Suddenly and unexpectedly, the blue screen appears and Game over, entertainment and work on the computer. The phenomenon can occur in connection with the Ntoskrnl.exe message again and again is not always easy to eliminate. As for the Ntoskrnl.exe file is and how her best to deal with the problem, you can read here.

Ntoskrnl.exe: Again and again blue screenSource: Ntoskrnl.exe

What's Ntoskrnl.exe?

The name Ntoskrnl.exe results from an abbreviation for the Windows NT operating system kernel and is also known as the kernel image. The file is relatively complex, it is necessary to their duties and functions not fully understand, but it is important to know that it plays a crucial role for various Windows processes such as hardware virtualization, process and memory management.

This file is an essential part of the system process function when Windows starts, including among others the memory manager and is connected to the hard drive and the RAM memory.

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How can you eliminate the blue screen?

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this problem, as the blue screen can have very different causes. The aim is therefore to identify the problem and understand in order to fix it then. Not for nothing the phenomenon circulating under the name &# 8220; Blue Screen of Death&# 8221 ;.

A blue screen can be provoked by other files or drivers, for example atikmdag.sys or fltmgr.sys, but the error message displayed are you usually the clear indication of the cause and had there not been Ntoskrnl.exe, you were probably now not here.

ntoskrnl.exe 001

Various possible solutions

It can be very different causes of the Ntoskrnl.exe blue screen with the potential to meet many well as the methods to get rid of the annoying phenomenon. the message &# 8220;0x000000F4 &# 8211; A process or thread that is critical to the system is not loaded or started!&# 8221; example, would be an indication of a device driver that stops a specific error or critical service or a problem with the hard drive or the boot drive. 

In the worst case you can not even fix the problem, because an error in the hardware is the cause. But there are still some things you can do and make sure to get rid of the error:


  • check the hard disk using the Windows command line or a special tool for disk check. On Windows, you go to on begin and give cmd on -> Right click then as Carrying out administrator click and chkdsk / f / r enter. Then a message appears that the action is executed on the next boot, so with Yes to confirm. Your hard drive is then checked for errors, which can take some time to complete. Should you your computer no longer start up correctly, the review also from the BIOS can initiate: Suppresses F8 as soon as the BIOS message disappears > the operating system selection menu is opened > below you see the menu item Windows Memory Diagnostic. Pressing the button TAB (Tab) you can enter this area, select the desired tool with the arrow keys and pressing Enter enter start.
  • In a similar manner, you can also examine the system files for errors: It makes it all as in the above item described and then give the command sfc / scannow on.
  • update drivers of your graphics card etc..
  • RAM investigate (Random Access Memory) with Memtest86 + for damage and problems.
  • Power connectors and power supply check: Was there ever any problems? Do you have a new power supply? And voltage problems may be behind the blue screen. Grabs her the computer directly into the can or do you use a power strip? Experiments with other power supplies or outlets can bring success, unfortunately, this cause is rare.




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