Hermes Tracking: Track by tracking packages

The Hermes Tracking allows online tracking of domestic and international parcel shipments. Using the bar code can be transparent and easily view the status of his consignment sender and receiver at any time and thus has the ability to estimate when the package arrives. We tell you how the Hermes parcel tracking works and what the Hermes GPS tracking.

Do you want to know when the package arrives and how long the service provider needs to supply your mission? view the shipment process and find out the current location, is easily online or by phone at Hermes. The service has more than 14,000 parcel shops in Germany and Hermes tracking also offers the possibility of geographical tracking. The so-called Hermes GPS tracking we get further down.

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Benefits of package tracking

The goal of any Hermes Tracking is of course the tracking of a packet or packet on its way to the receiver. Hermes shipment tracking can both international as well as national broadcasts be used. When tracking you see the current location and the actual progress. This has the advantage that sender and receiver can better judge when the shipped goods arrive about. Thus, the receiver has the ability to adapt accordingly and can try to be there to take the show in reception. This is to three business days not easily possible due to the very vague delivery times of mostly one. For the sender shipment tracking provides legal certainty, since it can be shown whether the packet is actually arrived at the desired destination.

Hermes-tracking package tracking

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Hermes Tracking

hermes consignment tracking

  • After handing over a consignment of Hermes can usually on the same day from the Hermes Tracking Make use.
  • If the Hermes parcel or parcels have already arrived at its receiver, you can watch the Hermes shipment tracking yet up to 90 days after delivery recall.

How the Hermes shipment tracking

The tracking of Hermes can about the Internet or phone respectively. Just give one of the following numbers into the search box to the Hermes website:

  • order number (Up to 15 characters) or Show ID (Up to 16 characters)
  • receipt number

Then you can the current status of the shipment see and where they are at. Thanks to the tracking service an estimate is possible when the package is expected to reach the recipient.


Track by order number or shipment ID

  • If you just need a single package or parcel have sent or merely a order number or Show ID have present, so you can enter it on the website of Hermes and receives all information and the expected delivery time is displayed.

Tracking via receipt number

  • Should equal several shipments have given, can the status of these programs of the following receipt number query. This has, as already mentioned, the great advantage is that you can see at a glance all the shows and not have to enter each shipment ID individually. If the shipment tracking via the receipt number does not provide sufficient information, you simply start a new query based on the order number / shipment ID and see when the package arrives.

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Where can I find my tracking number?

To start tracking, you need the order number, the shipment ID or receipt number of your mission. Otherwise, a package tracking is not possible. These numbers place her example on the receipt of the order confirmation, the delivery, or possibly in the mail that you received from the sender.

Important: Should it be a mission abroad, you have the order number without the identifier contained therein &# 8220; EU&# 8221; Enter to start a shipment tracking.

When you pick up or delivery of the shipment in Package Store the sender is issued a receipt or an order confirmation. The corresponding program number to this is clearly marked.

Hermes Tracking

Hermes geographic tracking

Not just when you want to pursue an Otto-order, but maybe if you did not sell anything, it's handy to know the delivery time. The newest attraction of the service is the Hermes shipment tracking via GPS. Thanks to a tour software you will be in real time kept informed of the delivery status to date. The Hermes GPS tracking applies to the delivery of major programs such as washing machines and sofas. The current position of forwarding items will be displayed on a map. Here is the itinerary of the Hermes vehicle can be viewed and the package will be prosecuted. The online tracking can be accurate to 30 minutes and the delivery times can be estimated better. Moreover, the recipient gets one of three time slots notified within which his delivery to arrive:

  • 7-11 hours, 10-14 hours, 13-18 hours

and the evening service for Hermes be booked (18-21 pm) - Optionally - if the online store offers this option.

Hermes is your package is lost or you have another complaint, you can contact you at the Hermes Hotline. Of course there is also the possibility of the Hermes customer service by mail or to achieve online.

Hermes package tracking

About the Hermes Europe

The Hermes Europe GmbH, formerly Hermes Logistics Group can look back on more than forty years of history. In 1972, the logistics company in Hamburg from Otto Versand and Werner Velbinger organization was founded and is now a 100 percent subsidiary of the Otto Group. Since the foundation is the core business of Hermes, the delivery of parcels to individuals (B2C and C2C sectors). But also in the delivery of catalogs, transportation of furniture and large electrical appliances Hermes mixed with. In fiscal year 2014 530 million shipments were moved across Europe and achieved a total turnover of 2.23 billion euros. This revenue and the number of moving broadcasts the Hermes Europe is the sector parcel delivery to individuals, the largest independent from the postal logistics company in Germany.

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