4 blocks Season 1: Free-TV premiere (ZDFneo), Stream, DVD Release & amp; more

The German house production "four blocks" the transmitter TNT series tells the story of clan leader Ali "Toni" Hamady (Kida Khodr Ramadan) and his attempt to have the criminal business behind. In early May 2017, the first season of 4 blocks in the pay-TV celebrated its premiere, in November the series on free TV is broadcast on ZDFneo. All information about 4 blocks Season 1 you learn here.

146674 blocks (TNT series) Trailer

TNT series on Sky received*TNT series by Sky Entertainment Ticket*

4 blocks is the third house production of Turner Germany. As the first self-produced series of a German pay-TV channel "Add a Friend" 2012 was launched, dannach followed the mystery miniseries "vineyard" in 2015. 4 blocks took place before the premiere pay-TV so much encouragement, that TNT is already working on a second season for which they should already have very concrete plans.

4 blocks Season 1 on free TV & DVD Release

from the November 28, 2017 is 4 blocks in the German Free TV broadcast. On ZDFneo can you the six episodes strong first season ever Tuesdays in double episodes in the night program see. The first episode runs 23:15, the second follows immediately afterwards at 0:05 PM.

Fans 4 blocks Season 1 we want to put on the shelf of the series, can do so from the 08 December 2017 do. You can optionally as the Staffelbox Blu-ray, DVD or limited Steelbook Edition preorder right here:

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Episode list & Dates of broadcasts

resulttitleTV Premiere (TNT)Free-TV premiere (ZDFneo)
1brothers08th May 2017November 28, 2017
2The wrong NineMay 15, 2017November 29, 2017
3IbrahimMay 22, 2017TBA
4TreasonMay 29, 2017TBA
5Powerless05th June 2017TBA
6Dead Man WalkingJune 12, 2017TBA

Repetition in the stream

As a Sky customer or the Sky Entertainment Ticket * you can also access the video-on-demand content from TNT series, and so all consequences of 4 blocks Season 1 in the stream look at. The series will be available on Sky by December 12, 2017th

The latest episodes of 4 blocks are at Sky in demand offering // Screenshot: SkyThe latest episodes of 4 blocks there at Sky on call // Screenshot: Sky

Those who do not Sky subscription and who do not like the Entertinment ticket, the show can purchase digital and in the following video-on-demand services and to track the first season of 4 blocks in the stream:

  • SD: 1.99 EUR
  • HD: 2.49 EUR
  • SD: 10.99 EUR
  • HD: 12,99 EUR
  • SD: 2.49 EUR
  • HD: 2.99 EUR
  • SD: 11,99 EUR
  • HD: 13,99 EUR
Google Play*German
  • SD: 2.49 EUR
  • HD: 2.99 EUR
  • SD: 10.99 EUR
  • HD: 12,99 EUR

4 blocks &# 8211; action & Cast

Veysel Gelin & amp; Ramadan // TNTVeysel Gelin & Kida Ramadan // © TNT

4 blocks is about the named in the title blocks in Berlin-Neukölln, which are in the hands of Arab extended families. By Kida Ramadan (Berlin Station, Crime Scene) embodied main character Ali "Toni" Hamady wants to get out for the sake of his wife and daughter from the criminal swamp. The Drug Business, Prositiution and money laundering to leave behind is difficult, however, when his Schwager Latif (Wasiem Taha aka solid) is arrested in a raid and move the family clan then to the leadership of the unpredictable brother Abbas (Veysel Gelin) would ,

A glimmer of hope brings Frederick Lau (SMS for you, Turkish for beginners), which takes over the role of Vince, the old friend of Toni and (or wrong) just the right time returns to his life. However, if there is a way out of the downward spiral of betrayal, intrigue and crime remains questionable.

Playing in the lead roles Almila Bagriacik (Hördur, Victims &# 8211; Do not forget me), Kida Ramadan, Frederick Lau and Veysel, more rollers are incorporated into 4 blocks from the following actors:

  • Oliver Masucci (He is back, the blood of the Templars)
  • Sami Nasser (3 Turks & a baby, street Kaiser)
  • Ludwig Trepte (Germany 83, What you do not see)
  • Maryam Zaree (I Am Not Him, Shahada)
  • Ronald Zehrfeld (The state to Fritz Bauer, The Changing Face of Crime)

So ye receive TNT series

4 blocks &# 8211; genesis

As producer Anke Cross revealed against their colleagues at rbb, stood for the series with a budget of just under four million US dollars. Thus the story is convincing as possible, the scriptwriters have researched a total of three years. So the writing team of Richard Kropf, Bob Conrad and Hanno Hackfort to have had with police, social work and also with real clan members.

Some of the roles of director Marvin Kren were reportedly occupied by genuine members of Arab extended families. The two famous (and infamous) rapper solid and Veysel play along with important roles in 4 blocks, which should increase the authenticity again.

Source: Turner Germany, TNT


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