ALDI televisions at a competitive price: Medion Life P17127 today offer

ALDI-Nord is available in stores from July 27, a 42.5-inch Full-HD television with triple tuner and wireless module for 399 euros. it is worth buying or you should resort to an alternative?

5325ALDI smart TV with a 42.5-inch screen: Medion Life P17127 (MD 31153)

The Medion Life P17127 offers a large amount of additional functions to a sharply calculated price. It has a LED display with 108 cm diagonal, supports the new DVB-T2 HD format as well Hbb TV and, via the built-in WLAN antenna Apps, retrieve media libraries and games.

Triple tuner and WiFi

The TV offers a triple tuner and can be operated via cable, satellite and DVB-T2 HD, without having to connect another receiver. The display is Medion with a Motion Picture the Index of the 600th Unfortunately, this value can not be compared with other manufacturers, because only Medion televisions use this value. This is a method for image enhancement, which controls the image repetition frequency. Medion expensive televisions offer a value of up to 1,500, so the P17127 here lies in the midfield. According to the TV ALDI offer the following specifications:

  • 108 cm Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Tuner for satellite (DVB-S2), cable (DVB-C), and DVB-T2 HD
  • 600 MPI (Motion Picture Index)
  • 300 cd / m² brightness
  • LAN, WLAN and TV Hbb
  • 3 HDMI connectors, USB x 1
  • CI + interface
  • Energy efficiency class A ++


Gallery ALDI 42.5-inch Full HD TV

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reflect content from the smartphone

the TV via the smartphone via the Medion Life Remote app can be controlled and reflect content from the smartphone, tablet and laptop to the TV. In addition, media libraries can be called as the ARD and ZDF and other apps like YouTube to be installed. With Hbb TV - quasi the successor of the aged Teletext - offered additional content around the TV.

our assessment

ALDI Nord's slogan in the prospectus reads: "Really great cinema." Here, the discounter has a bit of an exaggeration, because 42.5 inches today are at best a "medium" size, in terms of television. Otherwise, you can not complain: The Medion P17127 is a solid mid-range device that offers good facilities at a low price.

All PS4 Pro owners and 4K Netflix streamer be said: The TV has no 4K. Whom the ultra-high resolution is important, must look elsewhere. On the other hand, full-HD comes with a screen size of "only" 42.5 inches and fully in order. UHD its advantages tend to be made only with larger diagonals.

Also, none of the premium display techniques as QLED or OLED on board here. TV models with such technologies provide the current best picture - but then cost more than three times:

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An alternative to Medion is the Hisense H40M3300 who brings a price of 375 euros a 4K display, triple tuner and smart TV applications. It is though a bit smaller with 40 inches:

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Again Hisense: An Alternative Way of Medion Full HD TV is the Hisense H43MEC3050 that has 2,160 pixels as a high-resolution 4K panel with 3,840 x. But beware: Hisense only offers a warranty of two years. When offering ALDI Nord you get a three year warranty on the TV.

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Conclusion: Anyone looking for a top-equipped Full HD TV and is sure that Ultra HD is not needed, can strike the new ALDI-Nord offer. Although access affordable providers such as Hisense 4K-capable models for a comparable price, but Medion has one more year warranty.

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