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The Jawbone UP4 is representative of the latest generation of fitness tracker of the US company Jawbone. In the United States already appeared in 2015, fans waiting this country is still on the newest fitness bracelet. Even if the functionality does not differ dramatically, and the UP4 his money might be worth.

UP4-nfcCashless payments: With the Jawbone UP4 no problem.

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Although you have to look obvious differences with the magnifying glass, the Jawbone UP4 is an improved version of the UP3. Except for one in the future probably increasingly important feature, the operations of both devices are not very different. but who can not wait to pay more often and more convenient cash that could get me UP4 and its verbautem NFC chip that opportunity.

cashless payments and stay healthy - Jawbone UP4

With the announcement of the Jawbone UP4 also a collaboration between Jawbone and American Express became public. The companies are working since then close together, so that users and holders of American Express credit card can pay alone with the UP4 using NFC mobile.

1544Jawbone UP System

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So far, the Jawbone UP4 was not published in Germany. Having now a few months have passed, is still not clear whether Jawbone ever plans to introduce, or whether potential buyers continue to wait and should wait for the Jawbone UP5 if there will be this. In the US, the UP4 $ 20 is more expensive than its predecessor and in addition to the NFC chip and a slightly altered appearance any additional functions. Since the payment is not yet widely used by NFC in Germany and also the limitation to American Express customers also restricts the market, it is also conceivable that the device no longer appears in Germany.

All key features include:

  • Cashless payment with NFC chip (for American Express customers)
  • Seven days of battery life
  • Sleep Testing
  • Eating logging
  • Smart alarm
  • Smart Coach
  • Heart rate monitor on your wrist
  • Synchronization with the UP app
  • Pedometer and activity tracker

Jawbone UP4 Gallery

Large, visual differences for Jawbone UP3 there is not with the update to UP4. But see for yourself:

Gallery Jawbone UP4

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  • Jawbone UP4 - Fitness tracker with NFC chipproduct imagesJawbone UP4 - Fitness tracker with NFC chipJawbone UP4 - Fitness tracker with NFC chipJawbone UP4 - Fitness tracker with NFC chipJawbone UP4 - Fitness tracker with NFC chip


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