& Quot; Cash Me Outside, how bow dah? & Quot; – What does it and where does it come from this mean?

Andy Warhol in 1968 said that each person can tap at least 15 minutes of fame of any kind. The network provides an ideal platform so that new network asterisk come from nowhere almost daily. Early 2017 is primarily the "Cash Me Outside" -Girl on everyone's lips.

In forums and comment sections you still reading over again the phrase "Cash Me Outside", often with the addition of "how boh dah". Meanwhile, the expression and the cult of the associated person has received his entry into the meme world. But what's behind it?

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&# 8220; Cash Me Ousside - how bow dah&# 8221 ;: What's behind it?

In Germany, talk shows are at lunch time long gone, but in the US they still have their media presence, including the talk by Dr. Phil. The whole &# 8220; Catch Me Outside&# 8221; -Auftritt in the video:

Cash Me Ousside Girl with Instagram*

  • In September came Danielle Bregoli, the real name of the "Cash Me Outside" -Girls, Dr. Phil on.
  • The then 13-year-old was with her mother in the talk show. This was due to the intolerable behavior of teens, which drove her mother to the brink of despair. Car thefts, violence and more has already amassed the girl.
  • Even the audience facing each other Bregoli showed their best side, calling viewers as "laughing Hoes"
  • By the term "Cash me ousside, how bow dah" brought Bregoli expressed that she would like to unsubscribe elsewhere on their way conflicts with the audience and the talk show host.
  • A short time later, her TV appearance made the rounds of forums and boards of the Internet. "Catch me Outside" or "Cash Me Ousside" established itself as memes on various funny pictures. Your kind of debate was the expression an additional boost in popularity.

pointing to the Instagram &# 8220; how Boh Dah&# 8221; -Girl that in addition to its aggressive appearance, it can also show model way are plain:

A post shared by Danielle Bregoli (@bhadbhabie) on Mar 5, 2017 at 1:34 pm PST

A post shared by Danielle Bregoli (@bhadbhabie) on Mar 12, 2017 at 5:07 pm PDT

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&# 8220; Cash Me Outside - how bow dah&# 8221 ;: A problem girl has a fantastic social media

the boorish appearance seems to have paid off for Bregoli. Your Instagram presence currently has nearly 8 million followers.

In addition, the "Cash me Outside" -Girl was seen in the music video for "Everythin 1K" Kodak Black. The video has been viewed over 20 million times. On Instagram they can already be seen several times himself as a rapper, so a first single should not be waiting too long in coming. In addition, numerous remixes and other parody videos have appeared for "Cash Me Ousside" girls on YouTube. Own TV show is already planning for individual performances at festivals such as the "Rolling Loud Music Festival" in Miami, they will get $ 40,000. Recently, the self-confident girls to even the Kardashians the &# 8220; War&# 8221; have declared.

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