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With the Microsoft Office 2013 download you get a 60-day trial of the Professional Plus version of the current edition of the Office suite.

With the Microsoft Office 2013 Download gets her a demo of the Office suite, which is the successor to Microsoft Office of 2010. The most striking feature of the office suite is its optimization on the Microsoft operating system Windows 8; however the Microsoft Office 2013 download also Windows 7 compatible. Windows Vista and Windows XP are not supported, however; Users of these systems must resort to the previous Microsoft Office of 2010.

Microsoft Office 2013 Download: New shoes of the current version of Office

Since Microsoft Office is designed for Windows 8 in 2013, there is a major change to Office 2010 is that the application to the &# 8220; tile Design&# 8221; building called Modern UI interface of the Microsoft operating system. So that the individual modules of the office suite can also be controlled by touch input, as well as the surface of Office 2013 is optimized for use with tablet PCs.

The familiar Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon interface, in the Microsoft Office 2013 Download disabled by default, known by older versions of Office menus instead by default shown again, but of course adapted to Windows 8th

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Other new rules associated the program are the possible use of Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud service and the integration of Skype and Yammer. In addition, the programs of the Office suite can be streamed over the implemented application streaming over the Internet. Unlike older versions of 2013 PDF documents can be not only open but also worked with the module Word.

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Each of the Microsoft Office 2013 package modules

The demo of Microsoft Office 2013 is a trial version of the Professional Plus edition of Office 2013, which is why it includes all the modules of the Office suite. Specifically, these are the word processor Word 2013, the spreadsheet Excel 2013, the presentation program PowerPoint 2013, the notepad OneNote 2013, the email client Outlook 2013, the desktop publishing program Publisher 2013, the database system Access 2013 and the Messenger Lync and the form editor InfoPath.

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About the offered download link you get to the download page of the Office 2013 Demo of Microsoft, you can download where you after entering your Windows Live ID either the 32- or the 64-bit version.

Gallery Microsoft Office 2013

  • (Figure 1.8):charts-create-with-excel-2013
  • (2/8):with-word-2013-professional-documents-create
  • (Figure 3.8):preview function-by-powerpoint 2013
  • (Figure 4.8):-view of a calendar-under-outlook 2013
  • (Figure 5.8):Create With Word 2013 professional documents - professional documents with Word 2013
  • (Figure 6.8):Microsoft Excel 2013 Charts - create charts in Excel 2013
  • (Figure 7.8):PowerPoint 2013 Preview - Preview feature in PowerPoint 2013
  • (Figure 8.8):Calendar in Outlook 2013 - view a calendar in Outlook 2013

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