France profile picture on Facebook – how it works

Yesterday, the world was shaken by several attacks in the capital. Who wants to show solidarity with the people of France, can wrap his profile picture on Facebook in the colors of the French flag.

France profile picture on Facebook - how it works

Earlier this year, many users changed their profile on the social network image by the words "Je suis Charlie" from. After the tragic events of yesterday Facebook has now directly one way of sympathy.

Setting France profile picture on Facebook: how it works

Do you want your profile picture on Facebook with the colors of France flag, blue, white and red, wrap, this opens the profile of Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook. Sandberg was one of the first people who made use of this feature. Alternatively, you wait until one of your friends has set his profile picture in France look. This is indicated in your news feed. Now click simply on "Try it out". In the new window you can now position the flag on your profile picture.

Profile: Sheryl Sandberg*

france-profilbildOn the &# 8220; Try it&# 8221; button you can offer your profile picture in France Colors wrap

If friends or acquaintances on Facebook ye can use another function of Facebook. About the "Safety Check" you can check if there are people from your friends list in the affected area of ​​the attacks.

For Safety Check on Facebook*

safety-check facebook

Around the world buildings are wrapped in the French national colors. Thus, as the Sydney Opera House or the Sky Tower in New Zealand show in the national colors of France.

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Condolences on Twitter: #PrayForParis

When the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday at least 128 people died. Even now the situation in the French capital is still unclear. If you have relatives or friends who are in Paris, you help the emergency numbers of the German Embassy in Paris and the Foreign Office:

  • Telephone number of the German embassy in Paris: 0033 153 83 4500
  • Telephone number of the Foreign Office in Germany: 030 1817 0

 On Twitter, reactions to the terrorist attacks of Friday the 13th, especially under the hashtags #PrayForParis and #Paris collected. Following the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo-editorial at the beginning of the hashtag #NousSommesUnis also has established itself within a short time. One of the most quoted and retweeteten messages comes from Dan Holloway:


Under the hashtag #NotInMyName to explore the countless Muslims Take a photo of any extremism and particularly from the IS, which in all probability responsible for the want Paris attacks is to delimit. This photo Action Muslims take the initiative and make it clear that they distance themselves from terror.

All news and developments on terror in Paris there are the live ticker at the news.

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