Home Alone 2015: Culkin makes it again

"Kevin - Home Alone" is one of the most legendary Christmas movies ever, Macaulay Culkin to the cutest thing you could see on the big screen in his younger years. Anyone who has wondered how the life of Kevin McCallister is probably run by the events surrounding the "wet" or "sticky bandits", now gets in a funny webisode series "DRYVRS" the chance.

Home Alone 2015: Culkin makes's nochmal

25 years after the legendary appearance in the Christmas comedy, the former child star takes again his signature role &# 8211; But Kevin is not quite as cute as in 1990. The webisode You can watch here in full:

Home Alone 2015: Macaulay Culkin plays again Kevin McCallister

In the small mini movie of today's 35-year-old is a backup driver in the "About" -like app ": DRYVRS", which tells about Christmas 1990 while on assignment drive from his experiences. Of course, it is not an official sequel to "Kevin - Home Alone" in 2015 and the name "Kevin McCallister" is chosen at any time, but parallels to comedy from 1990 are evident in various statements of the wrecked driver.


  • The events of the two "Kevin" films seem to have the 35-year-old added McCallister clearly visible.
  • So Culkin talks about his "bastard of a brother."
  • He also mentioned the fact that he, the "sweetest eight year old in the world", has been forgotten by his parents for Christmas.
  • Of course, the two "psychopathic intruder" in the approximately 5-minute webisode be mentioned.
  • In addition, once Culkin shows his creative talent that has made him the early nineties to the most famous child of that time.
  • Movie buffs will find additionally a reference to "My Girl" in the clip, as Culkin speaks in his role of his wife.
  • The episode of the web series ": DRYVRS" is the first episode. the project of Jack Dishel is produced. Next year there will be more webisodes with guest stars.
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Home Alone 2015

Those who want to experience the Christmas classic this year again, can look forward to the Christmas holidays. Sat.1 show "Kevin - Home Alone" in 2015 directly on Christmas Eve from 20:15. After you see from 22:20 continuation from 1992, "Kevin - In New York alone."

TV Schedules, "Kevin - Home Alone" and "Kevin - Allein in New York" in 2015:

  • Thursday, 24.12, 20:15, Sat.1. Kevin &# 8211; Alone at home
  • Thursday, 24.12, 22:20, Sat.1: Kevin - Allein in New York.

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