Minecraft Cape: Created your own individual Cloak

You always wanted to be a superhero or simply just a cape blowing in the evening breeze pixelated? With an individualized Minecraft Cape you can have that. As always, free and beautiful. We explain to you where your herbekommt a cape.

Minecraft Cape: Created your own individual Cloak

Some mods or websites, it is now possible to find out about throwing a cape in Minecraft and show each flag. Here, many capes can make your own or just use a template from the many galleries in the mud.

Minecraft capes MCCapes.com

On the website MCCapes.com for example, you can register yourself to get a cape for your Minecraft avatar. We quickly tell you the way by login to the finished Cape in the game.

  • Give up the Web site your Minecraft username
    • Wart not previously on the page, you must choose a password you now
  • The password should not be the same as that for your Minecraft account
  • On the home page You can now click "My Landscape" change
  • Either now you load your own scene for your Cape high or choose one from the gallery (We show you further below, as you created the motive for an individual Cape)
  • Click on (Upload) or selects in the gallery (Use this Cape)
  • As long as the hook on the "My Landscape" page at Cape enabled is set, you should hang your personal cloak over his shoulders at the next start of Minecraft have

A German alternative is Minecraft Mod Cape of Alex2009. This works much the same way as described above, but does not have much over such a large gallery as MCCapes.com.

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create your own Minecraft Cape

NotchA Minecraft Cape must meet certain requirements in order to later in the game fits well over the shoulders and does not get caught at every turn. Do you want your own image on the cloak, then you simply download download our template and is characterized with a paint program (for example, Paint.NET) Your motif on it.

The dimensions must be exactly 22 pixels in width and height to be in the seventeenth In this case, of course, take 11 pixels front and the other 11 in the back claim. The image must you then in PNG format store, which means you can also leave gaps that are transparent later.

Exceeds the file 30 Kb, the file can not be uploaded. Have you complied with these guidelines, you can soon with your own Minecraft Cape run through the pixel world, jump, hop or fly. Have lots of fun with it.

Other Minecraft Mods Cape

For iOS, there are traditionally paid a paid app, called Minecraft Cape Creator. This is only found on the website of the developer Appzeet.com. We have not tried the app, however, recommend the above way, as this seems to be much safer.

Minecraft Capes in multiplayer

Do you want your new Cape equal even wear on the server of a friend on display, have always in mind that for the rights must be released. Not everyone buffoon must depend on each server his cloak to the wind)

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