The Witcher 3: Triss Merigold – all at Yennefers rival

In The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was clearly the red-haired sorceress Triss Merigold Geralt's lover and also in The Witcher 3 they can not be missing at the witcher page. But how can tolerate her relationship with Geralt, though its original beloved, Yennefer of Vengerberg, reappears?

The Witcher 3: Triss Merigold - poster girl of the Witcher series

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Triss Merigold is the poster girl (she was actually seen once before in the Polish Playboy) from the previous Witcher games and is one of the first characters that you may know the first part. In addition, the redhead is also equal to the first woman with whom Geralt ends up in bed. Clear that the magician with the red curls remained Witcher each fan in mind. But who is actually really Triss and what it has to do with Geralt's real great love, Yennefer of Vengerberg?

Thewitcher-triss-playboyTriss has even made it to the Polish Playboy.

But be careful! Who has the right to read the Witcher novels, should prepare themselves for spoilers!

Triss at a glance:

Full nameTriss Merigold
place of birthMaribor
characterfriendly, curious, adventurous, boyish, somewhat naively
particularitiesWas advisor to King Foltest Temeria; can wipe out their clothes; is allergic to magic; has magnificent red curls, to which it is very proud; Looks Ciri as a kind little sister; accidentally invented devastating hailstorm battle magic Merigolds

Triss Merigold - Declared Dead

Actually Triss's dead and buried under a war memorial with thirteen other Zaubereren. Why the sexy redhead still alive and hopping around the country and Geralt's bed, is that Triss took part in the legendary battle of Sodden then and was so severely injured that they were considered dead. But Triss survived despite cruel wounds and could be made completely after lengthy magical healing.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - E3 ScreenshotsTriss as lives and breathes.


But the battle against Nilfgaard Triss has drawn, because they hate the invaders from the south like the plague and is full of patriotic fervor. Therefore, she has devoted herself with great devotion the war preparations of the northern kingdoms and would consider any time against the Empire into battle.

Triss Merigold - Friend of the Sorcerer

Furthermore, the feisty redhead is a gifted magician who is still very young but competent and energetic. She also knows the eccentric wizards of Kaer Morhen well and often with them as a guest.

Especially a witch, Geralt of Rivia, has aroused their interest, because who once presented the grim warlock since her best friend Yennefer her she's head over heels in love with him and used immediately seize the moment when Geralt and Yennefer times to parted company with great drama.

tn_28602The_Witcher_2_Screenshot_34.jpgTriss and Geralt the shared bathroom.

Since then Triss tried as much as possible to be with Geralt whenever he is just separated from Yennefer again. Therefore, she was immediately on the spot when the helpless sorcerer needed help to deal with the magical talent of Geralt's foster daughter Ciri. Triss took care of Ciri, taught her all kinds of interesting and accompanied the girl and their further education.

However, the road to Triss caught a nasty gastrointestinal flu and suffered miserably and miserable. However, Ciri and the dwarf Yarpen Zigrin cared lovingly for her and finally made it to cure Triss. The magician could not heal itself namely because it is allergic to any form of magic.

Triss Merigold and the Lodge of Sorceresses

After the treacherous magician Vilgefortz carried out a coup on behalf of the magician Nilfgaard, a handful of magicians to so-called Lodge of sorceresses joined together.

Their goal: the shameless manipulation of Nilfgaard and the northern kingdom to both sides to force a peace. Triss believed in their innocence, the high-sounding propaganda of the box and made eager to work.

tn_28590The_Witcher_2_Screenshot_22.jpgThe Lodge of magicians was behind the machinations of regicide Letho.

They even stayed with the box, as this degenerated more and more to a group of evil scheming and their plans ultimately included the exploitation of Ciri and their special powers.

Only after two realized the full extent of the lodges conspiracy in the finale of The Witcher, she decided to withdraw entirely from the federal government and help Geralt in finding Ciri and Yennefer, knowing that Yennefer Triss previous relationship with Geralt would not approve. So we are excited to see how the impending cat fight will develop between Triss and Yennefer and what magician can end up winning the sorcerer for itself. We want the way of you know which of the two would you decide. so by moving power in our survey to Triss or Yennefer.

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The Witcher 3: Triss Cosplay - So you can be the magician

thewitcher3-triss cosplaySo you will the perfect Triss!

The Cosplay craze has also reached the world of the sorcerer and game and RPG-Cons appear more and more cosplayers who dress up as Geralt or Triss. But before you analyze cumbersome screenshots of Triss to get the perfect costume, offer you the developers CD Projekt RED practical, official Triss Cosplay guide who offers you all the information on the perfect Triss Cosplay. Including the exact shade of their magnificent red curls or details about their attire.

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