What sense does the file desktop.ini and can I delete them?

The desktop.ini file discover the most Windows users never. She plays an important role in the appearance of our folder. If one looks for it for fun, you will find them suddenly everywhere. But should you delete desktop.ini better not.

In desktop.ini is a simple text file, but it contains some instructions and information, always refer to the folder where they are located. Although the name desktop.ini is, we find the file not only in desktop folders. A search is partially bring hundreds of you to light. Because they are responsible for how looks a folder in the Windows explorer and partly also of how it behaves.

You can delete desktop.ini &# 8211; but you do not!

Whoever wants to delete these files to save space, which should take into account that they are great sometimes only a few hundred bytes. There are tiny text files with a few instructions in it. They include, for example, sometimes just an indication of how a folder icon should look like. You can easily delete it. It does not contain vital information. However, it loses its special functions when deleting this file in some folder.

desktop.ini another iconAlternative folder icons are stored in desktop.ini

Sometimes we can change the contents of a desktop.ini file with simple means itself. For example, we may miss another icon a folder. These icons can be selected either from the Windows' own icon library, or use an installed program to do so. Follows is going on:

  1. click on a folder icon with the right mouse button
  2. &# 8220; properties&# 8221; from the context menu and in the subsequent window tab &Adjusting, 8220&# 8221 ;.
  3. down on &# 8220; Change Icon&# 8221; click
  4. choose either one of the displayed icons or click Browse. by clicking in the case to an executable program file. These often include multiple icons. Choose one of these icons.
  5. Twice press OK
  6. Now the folder has a new icon.

The interesting thing is how well the content of the file has changed desktop.ini. Since then suddenly is something like

IconResource = C: \ Program Files (x86) \ File Assassin \ FileASSASSIN.exe, 0


This means that the folder gets its icon from the program file of the FileASSASSIN program. As long as that is in the desktop.ini, this icon will replace the default icon of the folder. You can copy it to another folder, the INI file even to also help the to a new Icon. However, if such a folder lands on a CD or a USB flash drive, the search is running after the icon into the void when you're on another computer. So you should make sure in case of unusual icons that the linked file is located in the same folder.

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