R & amp; make trade-mark sign ™ and ® with the keyboard – Here’s how: TM-sign

Not every character finds himself on the keyboard. Nevertheless, there are, of course, ways and means to make, for example, the TM sign of unregistered trademark (™) and the R sign of Registered Trademark (®). We fits her two characters with a shortcut key in Windows and Office programs, we tell you in this guide.

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Insert TM characters ™ and R-sign ® with the keyboard

Of course hr can watch the characters simply copy from this text, but who want to use the characters more often can also just use the keyboard combination. For this, all you need is a keyboard with numeric keypad. Proceed as follows to insert the TM and R-sign:

  1. Hold the Alt key (on the left of the space bar) key.
  2. Now give the TM sign on the numeric keypad the following combination of numbers: 0, 1, 5, 3.
    Cross keyboard Old Numblock
  3. Now in its text document or search box, the TM-sign ™ should appear.
  4. For the R-signs unlock them on the numeric keypad following number combinations: either 0, 1, 7, 4 or 1, 6, 9.

If you had any success, it could be that your keypad is disabled. Press the Num (top left of the numeric keypad) you can activate it again and try the key combination again.

To learn the basics of special characters, you can read our guide to: Shortcut &# 8211; For special characters and paste &# 8211; That's how it's done.

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™ Trade-mark sign and paste ® in an Office program

Special characters such as the TM and R characters you will find in the various Office programs such as Microsoft Word, LibreOffice or OpenOffice under the menu special characters. To insert the trade mark sign in a document, you therefore can also do the following:

  1. Click on your Office program on the tab Insert, then click the menu item special characters.
  2. The following special characters table you will find that under ™ U + 2122 (Hexadecimal) or 8482 (decimal) and the under ® U + AE (Hexadecimal) or 174 (decimal).Note: Depending on the font, it is possible that certain special characters are not present.
  3. Selects the TM or R characters and presses on the Insert button to insert the symbol into your document.


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