Batman – Arkham Knight: The perfect crime – so brings her Professor Pyg the route

A series of bizarre murders overshadowed Gotham in the wanted lists Mission &# 8220; The perfect crime&# 8221 ;. Behind the killings plugged Professor Pyg, which you in Batman: Arkham Knight opposes the bosses. We guide you through the side mission and provide tips for the boss fight.


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Even relative to the beginning of Batman: Arkham Knight Alfred will make you aware of several murders in the city, where victims nailed to walls with resounding opera were. This is the starting signal for the wanted lists Mission The perfect crime and the hunt for the mad scientist Professor Pyg.

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Batman &# 8211; Arkham Knight: The perfect crime &# 8211; who is Professor Pyg?

Once a gifted scientists developed the Ringmaster Lazlo Valentin by a schizophrenic episode's personality Professor Pyg. He founded the Circus of the bizarre, with whom he went on tour. Here occurred more frequently disappearances to wherever the circus station made. Always striving for perfection, Pyg treated his victims with identity-destroying drugs and invasive procedures such as lobotomies. This he did, his so-called Dollotrons created sexless and hearing people who only obey his will.


The perfect crime: Locations of all bodies

around the Hiding by Professor Pyg to locate, you have to six bodies investigate. Near the corpses always plays Opera music, which helps you in locating. Have the bodies discovered it, you have it with the tissue scanner investigate and three abnormalities Find. For this you can between Skin, muscle and bone level switch. Do you have an indication that key hold to scan down. Below, we show you all the localities of the bodies. just click on the individual cards for an enlarged view.

  1. Skin level: left ear, Muscle level: Intestine in the right lower abdomen, Bone level: Left side of the pelvis
  2. Skin level: left arm, Muscle level: Left breast, Bone level: left kneeBATMAN ™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150623205341
  3. Skin level: left thigh, Muscle level: neck, Bone level: Left hand
  4. Skin level: right thigh, Muscle level: right kidney, Bone level: Right half of the skullBATMAN ™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150623205358
  5. Skin level: Links on the torso, Muscle level: Right eye, Bone level: right arm
  6. Skin level: Right chest, Muscle level: right arm, Bone level: Left footBATMAN ™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150623205312

The perfect crime: so defeated her Professor Pyg

Your path leads you to the sixth body into Pretty Dolls Parlor on Founders&8217; Iceland, Where Professor Pyg rumschnippelt already on his next victim. Pyg already has a Army of mindless slaves accumulated, which he immediately rushes at you. Considered in this boss fight following things:

  • Professor Pyg&# 8217; s henchmen can you only with a Ground Takedown or surroundings attack off final. Otherwise, they stand up again after each rainfall. More you will find in the overview of the combat maneuvers.
  • Pulls her best with the Batclaw to you zoom to throw her to the ground and make it directly harmless.
  • From the back you attacked Professor Pyg in the further course of the fight with knife throws, flinging her Counter-attacking right back to him.
  • You defeated her all the henchmen, go to Pyg and switches it with a finisher out.

Before you Professor Pyg like any other supervillain with your Batmobile for GCPD kutschiert, you still can the freeing prisoners in the cages, by her fuse box destroyed. For the completion of this wanted list mission you deserve you in addition, the Achievement The brave Metzgerlein.

symbolsuccess Gamerscore trophy 
das_tapfere_metzgerleinThe brave Metzgerleingamer core 20bronze
Track down the serial killer and take him.

Batman - Arkham Knight: wanted list of Most Wanted Criminals in Gotham

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