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You've accidentally deleted a contact or even several of your Google account on the phone or in the browser? We show you how you can restore the removed contacts. And do not worry, Google Contacts can not find even after weeks into her Gmail or Android.

Deleted contacts recover (Google, Android, Gmail) - How it works

Restore deleted contacts

No matter what platform or what app it accesses the Google contacts, so the browser Gmail or your smartphone with Android via the contacts app: The contacts are always synchronized and are therefore the same on all devices and in all applications. Google stores this to the effect in the cloud. The only requirement: The contacts are also stored on your smartphone as a Google contact, but this is the norm.

  • That is, do you have contacts once deleted from the smartphone, they can be found still on Google's servers &# 8211; whole 30 days.
  • Even if one removes them in the browser in the Contacts web app from Google, Google will store the removed items for weeks.
  • So they are not visible, but can be restored even after the actual deletion.
  • By the way: If you your smartphone resets to factory settings, the contacts, if given is Google contacts, of course not deleted.
  • Sets her then a new cell phone and synchronizes it with your Google account, your contacts are transferred automatically.
  • You should only have to make before resetting it also actually is the contacts to Google Contacts, which are stored in the cloud and not only on your device or SIM card.

How can you restore Android or Google your deleted contacts, you learn in the next section.

Gmail, Google, Android: all one

About an app on your phone, so for example, Gmail or the settings menu, it is not directly possible to restore distant contacts. The best way to do this when you call the Google Contacts web app from the browser on your phone or PC. Here all your Google contacts are listed. Since the site is not optimized for mobile devices, we recommend you to sit down briefly to the laptop or desktop computer, to make the necessary adjustments.

  • Surfs to Google contacts and logs you a with your Google Account, if not already done.
  • Now you see a list of your contacts. On the left side you see a navigation menu with which you can filter the contacts, for example, according to the assigned groups.
  • Now click on Restore button and choose More contacts there&# 8230;
  • Now you can choose which state the contacts are to be reset. are possible this minute to 30 days.
  • Clicking on restoring it sets the contacts back to the desired time. But be careful: it restore all deleted contacts, it is not possible to select specific. android-deleted-contacts-wiederherstellen2
  • Have you clicked Restore, you will receive a notification that the process has been successfully completed. Here you have the option to click Undo, if you wanted to not restore the remote contacts. Also, you can later jump back again and again to the point at which the contacts were not restored.


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