restore browser history – how it works

A deleted browsing history can be restored not so simple. But you can still find out which websites you had visited her. We show you how this works in the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

44999Firefox: What's about: config?

Tip: If you want to see, which was recently googled jumps directly to the headline browsing history on your Android phone display.

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  • Delete Browsing History: So it goes with Firefox, IE, Chrome and Android

restore browsing history

So you can in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to restore the browsing history, if you've accidentally deleted it.


  1. Invite you the free Chrome Cache View tool down *.
  2. In the program you can see all the deleted cache files.
  3. Click on the column heading server Time, to sort them by date.
The program displays the last cache entries from Chrome.The program displays the last cache entries from Chrome. Source: Nirsoft


  1. Typed in the address line: about: cache
  2. Click under the heading disk on the link List Cache Entries.
  3. Firefox now displays the links of all the websites that have been visited.
Firefox displays the links visited Web pages.Firefox displays the links visited Web pages.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the top right gear-Icon, then click Internet options.
  2. in the tab General click it under the heading browsing history on the button settings.
  3. Click in the new window on the button View files.
  4. The cache folder.
  5. Let you the folder view by date, around the Internet history to read.

View browsing history on your Android phone

On the Android phone does it proceed in such a way to indicate what was sought on a PC or smartphone under the relevant Google account:

  1. opens the settings and taps Google. Depending on the model is called the point perhaps only Google settings.
  2. Navigate now to: Personal data & Privacy, Activity Settings.

    Android: Navigate through these points.Android: Navigate through these points.

  3. Taps further on: Web & , Manage history app activities.

    Android: right you can see, after which searched in Google.Android: right you can see, after which searched in Google.

  4. You will be displayed sorted by date your Google browsing history.
  5. Scrolls down or looking up in the field after a specific date or a command.


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