Saints Row 5: Deep Silver Announces at E3 the next part of?

Some publishers have already canceled their participation at the E3 2016, but Deep Silver is not among them. But who have now promised a big announcement for the fair - stands Saints Row 5 in the house?

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Away from the big three publisher Activision Blizzard, EA and Ubisoft and even away from the wider circle of large companies, which includes, among others, 2K Games, Bandai Namco and Bethesda, there are also from Germany a well-known video game publishers in the industry: Koch Media , including Deep Silver belongs. The company owns some not insignificant brands, including Saints Row, Dead Iceland, Risen or Metro. As such not exactly insignificant industry representatives, Deep Silver will be represented at the most important fairs of the year, including the E3, which will be held in June in Los Angeles. And right there, on the floor of which was last Activision Blizzard, EA, Disney and Wargaming have adopted a very big new project will be presented.

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How Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz had announced as part of GDC, the publisher was currently a lot of games in the pipeline. For this reason, the company is already looking forward to the E3 on which is to take place "next big announcement". What exactly does that mean, though it is still unclear but according to speculation it may actually only be Saints Row 5th This conclusion is obvious since Dead Iceland was two previously announced and has recently received a new studio. Risen has only 2,014 receive a new offshoot, Metro is allegedly not big and interesting enough for this statement. In addition, Saints Row previously always appeared at intervals of 2-3 years, which makes a release this year most likely. With the announcement of Saints Row 5 also the attention for Deep Silver would certainly be correspondingly large.

Whether we really have to Saints Row can look forward 5 remains probably wait until E3. Saints Row 4 was first published in August 2013 and was the first published under the Deep Silver offshoot of the series, since it bought the rights of THQ. However, the studio remained the same.

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