Remove Bing: search engine from Firefox, Chrome, and IE Clear

Bing is a search engine like Google is, however, not used so often by far. Has your default search changed to Firefox or Chrome on Bing Bing or do you want to remove from the Internet Explorer, you can easily do that with our guidance.

Remove Bing: search engine from Firefox, Chrome, and IE Clear

While Firefox and Chrome are usually installed with the default search Google, preloaded with Windows systems, Internet Explorer has default Microsoft &# 8220; Bing&# 8221 ;. By downloading bundles, it may happen that ye entrance searching in Firefox or Chrome. This can, however, change very easily by its Bing removed and, for example, Google set up as the default search again.

It is not enough to simply remove Bing from the list of search engines, because the Microsoft search otherwise the next start again &# 8211; Ta Da &# 8211; want to edit your searches.

remove Bing from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Checks first if you have Bing installed as an add-on or set up only as a search engine
  2. Click for the three horizontal stripes top right of the Firefox browser to open the settings
  3. Selected here is the option Add-ons out (Ctrl + Shift + A)

    Bing: Checks first if Bing is present as an add-onBing: Checks first if Bing is present as an add-on

  4. Found under extensions Bing Search for Firefox or the like, you simply click on Remove
  5. Click on the Firefox bar now on the small arrow next to the search engine

    Bing: the new Firefox Bing is now also integrated as standardBing: the new Firefox Bing is now also integrated as standard as a search engine

  6. Selected in the expanded menu at the bottom Manage search engines&# 8230;
  7. Click on the list of search engines now Bing and selects on the right side Remove

remove Bing from Google Chrome

Make your way first thing in the Control Panel, as Bing has sometimes installed on the Searchbar of Conduit.

  1. Under uninstall programs should you then here &# 8220; Search Protect&# 8221; can find
  2. Uninstall the tool from Conduit
  3. Now open Google Chrome and click the top right of the three bars for the settings
  4. Click below to settings
  5. In the new window you will find under the button Search Manage search engines&# 8230;
  6. Selects here Bing and click on the X the right to remove Bing

    Bing: In Chrome, the search Microsoft has creptBing: In Chrome, the search Microsoft has crept

  7. Now click still on Finished and Bing was successfully removed from Chrome

remove Bing from Internet Explorer

Bing and Internet Explorer both belong to Microsoft and default charge on newly installed Windows systems for navigating the Internet. but if you Bing in IE do not want to use, you can simply remove the search engine also permanent.

  1. Starts Internet Explorer
  2. to get clicks the top right of the gear, in the settings
  3. now selects Manage Add-ons
  4.  Under search provider you will find it quickly. Selects Bing from
  5. Now click on the button at the bottom right Remove
  6. A final click on Conclude and her from now uses Google as a search engine +

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